Ava Grace's Closet: Christmas Wish List '13 : What to get Him {Under $50}
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas Wish List '13 : What to get Him {Under $50}

I've never struggled so much with what to get for my husband for Christmas, but rather, how to keep it to a minimum.
Throughout the year, I see so many great things that I know he would love. 
Here's just a few of the things on that make the list:

Gift Guide

1. We are Canadian. It goes without saying that any of the men on my list would enjoy a biography about the great hockey legend, Bobby Orr. Find it here or wherever you buy your books. $19

2. Embellished sweatshirts are all the rage. And the selection for men which you could easily steal from his closet is pretty impressive. Here are a just a couple of the one's I rather liked, both of these can be found at Forever XXI so the price {both of these are under $25 each} is definitely right.  
one + two

3. The carded iphone case. How brilliant is this? I often wish I had somewhere to slide my debit or credit card when I don't want to bring an entire handbag along. The hubby never carries his wallet so this would be simply perfect. 
Especially is he actually had an iphone. Which he doesn't. Yet
Find it here. $36 

4. I have been searching for a pretty pair of these for some time now and was quite pleased when I came across these from Banana Republic. 
Equally stylish + functional. 
I like it. $45

5. I am all about equal rights. Even when it comes to jewellery. I quite enjoy giving and receiving it. This stainless steel bracelet is sleek and would look great with everything. 
Available now at The Shopping Channel. $49.95

6. This. This you MUST pick up for every man on your list. The set includes 4 sample sized {but long lasting!} items and smells absolutely divine. I bought a set for my husband for Father's Day and he has since gone back to purchase the regular size of his favourite items. 
This is always a good thing.
Comes in a pretty box ready for giving.
Also a good thing. $26

7. The coolest, most fun toque's ever. 
I want both. For me him.
Laurent + Homies $24 each

See last year's Christmas Wish List for him here

Tell me, have you started shopping yet? 


  1. My hubby is pretty easy to buy for, power tools and clothes. Love that iPhone case with the card holder. He hates carrying a wallet so this would be ideal! Those sweatshirts are great, I'd be stealing them too. :)

  2. I so agree it becomes more difficult each year to get your special guy a gift that is original, and not over the moon budget breaking. Loving your choices ... hugs. C. (HHL)

  3. These are great choices! And so affordable. :)

  4. great finds! no iphone yet...eh? :) I am like your hubby...i never had my wallet, or a watch, ok and i almost never have my phone...I just accessorize with a husband who carries all of the above :)

  5. Why are men so hard to buy for??? men have it easy buying us gifts because we want everything!!! That homies hat is AWESOME!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, I love that "Homies" beanie! :)

  7. Great list of gifts for the guys.

  8. What great choices! Thanks so much for the great gifts!

  9. The list is good for every year! Thanks for the ideas!


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