Ava Grace's Closet: Dear Ava...Now You're Three
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dear Ava...Now You're Three

Dear Ava, 
It feels like just yesterday we celebrated your third birthday. I planned to write this then. And here we are, over 3 months later. I don't know where the time goes.
You seem to be growing up so quickly. 
Eager to do and try everything. Far wiser and more mature than your years.
I think it's because you spend so much time with us grown ups. 
We feel bad about that. But you don't seem to mind. Happily sitting at the table after we've entertained dinner guests. 
Like a little lady.

You want to take dance lessons.
You want to "do" soccer. 
You want to play tennis. And you keep telling daddy he has to buy you a racket.
You will do I don't know how many somersaults in a row and then say "you see that mama". 
There is no fear in you.
And you don't want to miss anything.
I think this may be the reason why you don't want to go to bed lately.
That or you can actually survive on no sleep. Unlike your mama.
You say "mama" about 5,000 times a day. 
And ask for ice cream, "mr freezers" or popsicles about the same amount of times.
If it were up to you we would be at the park all day, every day.
And lately, were all about going to the forest. Any forest. 
We finally got you to one last week and you were hesitant at first;
"where's the big bad wolf?" you asked. 
It didn't take you long to figure out there was no big bad wolf. And the forest? It was kind of magical.
The park afterwards was pretty magical too.

You will talk to anyone. 
And are of course, especially enamored with little girls.
You said hello to one just the other day and she said hello back and then quickly ran off to play.
You looked at daddy and me and said, very matter of factly "she's my best friend".
You are so loving Ms. Ava.
And on some days, when you're in an especially good mood, I will get so many kisses they leave me giggling.
And it's not just me you are concerned about.
Always asking where your brother is. your sister. your nana and papa. 
I think if it were up to you, everyone in your little life would live all together in one big house and no one would ever go home. 
You don't like goodbyes. 
You are a lot like your brother was in so many ways.
And watching your little personality develop we can see that you are stubborn like him. And just as sensitive.
I call you my shadow. Where I go, you go.
And I wonder sometimes what I did before you. 
Meant to be.
You and me.
Love you my sweet girl. 


  1. Good Morning bella; beautifully written and so much heart and soul. Your precious angel is going to change the world ... she is an amazing little girl. Ava you will need to come explore our forest. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

    P.S. hope its not raining in your area. Here its coming down in buckets - good for the gardens, the hair not so much.

  2. That was so beautifully written. Touches the heart

  3. She is so pretty! Lovely words


  4. I love that she is fearless. That trait will take her far.

  5. Dearest Susan,
    What a lovely writing about cute Ava and this will mean so much down the years! Lovely thoughts and great observations from a big mother heart!
    Hugs to you; yes here it also is coming down in buckets as it barely stayed dry till one in the afternoon...

  6. she is just so precious, I really don't know where the time has gone - I feel the same way

    Xo, Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  7. very very very sweet. love all the little pieces you shared about her :)


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