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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Conversations with the Kid

I've shared some of the conversations Julian and I have had before but lately, I've taken to writing down some of what he says so that I never ever forget how darn clever he is. 
Especially in moments where he is testing my patience.
Which is basically every day. 
Many of them had me nodding in agreement. Or laughing out loud.
I mean, look at this face.
Julian: I just love my new boots. I stepped in so many puddles and I made everyone step on my feet and it didn't even hurt.
Me: Why would you do that?
Julian: So I could test my new boots.

Me: Julian, can you please fix Ava's little ride on car for me? 
Julian: Why, it's not broken?
Me: Yes, it is. The top fell off.
Julian: Mom! It's a convertible!!

"Mom, come on, EVERYTHING tastes better when you melt cheese on it". 

"You know what I think? They make it hot in Ikea just so that we buy the frozen yogurt".

A dear friend recently got a job at Apple and I asked Julian if he might like to go and visit her. The conversation went like this:
Me: Do you want to go to the mall one night this week and visit B?
Julian: Why?
Me: Well, because she's working at your favorite store and I thought it might be fun.
Julian: Wha! Can she give us free stuff? 
Me: No.
Julian: Wha! Can she give us a discount?
Me: No.
Julian: {somewhat deflated} Well, too bad Steve Jobs died. He did store tours you know. At least she could have met him. 
Apparently, when there is no discount and no free stuff, a visit from Steve Jobs is the least she could get.

And lastly, just yesterday night I caught him singing at the top of his lungs {he also may have been dancing} in the family room.
Something along the lines of "I got the moves like JAGUAR. I got the moves like JAGUAR."

Me: Julian, what are you singing?
Julian : Moves like JAGUAR
Me: Like what?
Julian: JAGUAR!!!
Me: It's "Jagger" Julian. Moves like JAGGER. As in Mick Jagger.
Julian: {a look of confusion and obvious disbelief on his face} Whatever mom. 
read: no such a thing as a Jagger.

And just like that, Mick Jagger is no longer a legend. 
Happy Thursday.


  1. Laughing out loud :-) No Jagger... different generations ;-)
    When I think I made an extremely good and humourous comment, my son (21) just responds "Mama, you are NOT funny...!" Again, different generations.

    Fabulous clutch giveaway on my blog
    Lady of Style

  2. LOL... thanks for the morning chuckles!!! Julian has some very good points!!! Happy Thursday. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  3. Dearest Susan,
    Hah, they certainly keep us awake and it's great that you write some of his expressions down for later!

  4. these were great...! i have never been to ikea but one is opening soon and i think he will test his frozen yogurt theory. and i totally agree with him about melted cheese.

    ahhh boys and their mamas . :)

  5. I will test his yogurt theory... geesh typos!!

  6. LOL! I have an almost 6yr old who is just as entertaining! Aren't they marvelous wee creatures?! Ax


  7. HAHA! He is so funny (and clever) "No such thing as a Jagger!" ...But it looks like that JAGUAR has some pretty fierce moves himself ;)

  8. He cracks me up. Just wait until he is singing along to a song and you realize it's a remake of one of your favorites. Tha's when you start to feel old.

  9. I just found this and had to share it ;-)

    Lady of Style

  10. kids. i love the puzzled look they get when you mention things that they've never heard about. just like cassette tapes, haha. feelin OLD.


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