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Thursday, April 4, 2013

What They Wore : These Two

I wrongfully assumed that when I had another girl, she would be just like her sister.
The curly hair was there. Although darker.
They looked alike. Both are lefties.
But then? When her personality really began to show...
all her big brother. 
On Ava:
Dress & Jacket - Children's Place
Shoes - Livie + Luca 

On Julian:
Shirt + Pants - Mexx Kids
Jacket - abercrombie
Shoes - Tommy Hilfiger
We're in trouble with this one.

P.S. Trouble Ms Ava is participating in a Joe Fresh + Today's Parent cover photo contest. Click top right for more info. Just takes a moment to vote and you can only vote once! 
We would really appreciate the support. 


  1. cuties.!!!

    i was just telling my husband last night " i wonder what God was thinking backing Lyla's personality to Judes...!" lol. these little personalities will be fun to watch ;) !

    off to vote!

  2. Dearest Susan,
    It is quite interesting to watch personalities develop over time. You got cute kids and I'r rather like them a bit feisty instead of too passive...
    Hope you get more support on the voting for sweet Ava!

  3. I thought my girls would be just alike as well - and I couldn't have been more wrong! Amazing how different all three of them are. Beautiful kids, Susan.:)

  4. What a stylish young man!
    Voted for Ava :-)

    Lady of Style

  5. Adorable!! Loving that last photo! The expression on Miss A is priceless!!! Good luck on the contest... (I voted)..xo :)

  6. This is absolutely just too cute! I love the one where she is looking up at her older brother. By the way, I'm a leftie, too!!!

  7. so sweet--will check out and vote for Ms Ava =)

  8. They are so adorable! I totally love her dress and shoes!

  9. Julian is a looker! And voted for Ava, too! :)


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