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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I think I may be having what folks call the post.holiday blues.
Anyone feel me?
All the excitement of the holidays die down, the kids go back to school and here I am alone again with just my Ava and a massive pile of never.ending laundry.

Isabella is so overwhelmed right now. She has a Royal Conservatory exam in a couple of weeks followed by her first set of high school exams; two of which are on the same day.
I am constantly in awe of her dedication. She works so hard. 
Love that girl.

We have started off the year trying to eat healthier. {us and everyone else it seems} It's tough.
In my opinion, just about everything that tastes really good is bad for you. Why is that? And how can we change it?

In other news, I've started walking. I don't really like it if I'm being totally honest. 
Mind you, I did meet a friend for a walk the other day and that walk ended at Starbucks. That was kind of fun.
But it sort of defeated the entire purpose of walking.
I had a non-fat latte in case you were wondering.

I'm contemplating putting Ava into some kind of a preschool program a few mornings a week. The thought of it makes me ill. For some reason, she is so much harder for me to let go than the others were. Maybe it's because she is my last? That or I think I may just forget how hard it was! I'm feeling like she could really use the interaction with other kids even though when I ask her if she wants to go to school or stay home with me, she says "stay home with mama".

And guess who finally gets to kick his twin bed to the curb? Our boy. We are just in the process of getting his "big boy" room ready. Fresh paint, new furniture. He is beyond excited.
I'm just hoping this means he will actually sleep in his room.
Never a dull moment 'round these parts. 
Happy Tuesday.


  1. I started walking last May and it has been so beneficial to me in many ways. I don't like it either...I don't like any exercise...but I do enjoy the outdoors, the people I see as I walk, and the results. Hang in there...you will eventually be glad you did. I always have post holiday blues...I love it so much. But, a busy life eventually takes it away.

  2. I have always enjoyed going to the gym, but for some reason this winter it has been much harder to make myself go - probably because my kiddos have been sharing random viruses with each other (and my husband and me) overandoverandover. Rawr. Still, it's silly, because I know how much better I feel when I get my arse there, but some days I just CANNOT. Hang in there.


  3. Definitely feeling the January blues with you Susan! Hope you had a fantastic holidays, and hopefully some sunshine and Ava time will do the trick :)
    xo K

  4. Oh, we're feeling the blahs around here too. All three kids were down with a tummy bug, so I haven't been grocery shopping, which means my resolve to eat better isn't going well. Hope you pull out of your blahs soon - and good luck with the room re-do!

  5. i hear you about the holiday blues but in a way i was ready to get things back to normal. i felt like my head was in a holiday cloud for way too long this year. putting Lily in school (3 hours twice a day) was the best decision we ever made. it was hard at first and i fought with it for quite sometime but she is so happy there and has learned so much.
    also, i need to start walking. it is the only form of exercising other than stretching on my balance ball that i like. but, i like doing it with a partner. not on my own. live closer!!

    1. I know I need to! She is WAY too attached.
      ok...you twisted my arm. I will move to Florida if I have to. ;)

  6. i haven't gotten on that treadmill since before thanksgiving!! with the whole trying to sleep earlier, so i can be on time thing, i have less time at night to do stuff...and walking usually gets pushed to the bottom of the list!!

    that isabella is so amazing :)


  7. I think EVERY walk should end with a coffee of some sort. Nothing wrong with a little reward for your efforts!

  8. I need to start walking again, I have a gorgeous college campus right across the street that is perfect for walking. I just can't get myself out to do it. Lazy! I have some of the post holiday blues too, it seemed to really go too fast this year...

  9. Dearest Susan,
    It is kind of tough for leaving all the special warmth and fuzzy feeling of the Christmas and New Year's season behind us... Moving on, getting back into the routine and that sounds just like boring and dull. BUT it needs to be done.
    You have a nice spread of children with such different things going on in their lives. Yes, Ava is growing up fast too; hard to let that go.
    My post of today is showing my old boots and I did walk in them today with Pieter. Ought to do it daily, provided it doesn't rain! Feels good.
    Hugs to you,

  10. seriously everything that taste good right!? I don't know how it is in Canada, but here in the states in makes me so mad: soda: .59 cents vs. milk $3.90, fruit snacks $1.50 vs. fresh strawberries $ 4.99 a pack. If they want people to eat better they need to work on the prices lol.

    keep ava home :) she will be in school soon enough. enroll her in dance or something instead.you have to pay for both so why not put he in something fun? she can socialization that way ;) that is what I did with e :) ( oh wait that isn't going so well. lol )

    i love walking. love!!!! there is nothing wrong with coffee after a walk :)

  11. p.s. good job for isabella on studying and working so hard.!! her hard work will pay off!! :)

    i wanna see the room re-do!


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