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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pictures of You

If you're like me, at the start of the year, you are doing a lot of purging. 
Closet organizing. Christmas decor re-organizing.
Teddy bear condensing.
That kind of thing.
And among other things, I began to go through photos : old and new.
So many photos. The older kids as babies always make me smile. And feel a little bit sad.
The vacation pictures always make me wish I was still there.
And then, during all this reminiscing I realized something. 
I have very few photos of me with my children
Often times, as mamas, we are the ones behind the camera. Non?
Or else, we're the ones saying "no, no. i look awful right now." "in a minute, i just have to..."
I see hospital photos of other mamas in the with their new babes. Radiant and glowing.
I did not look like that. I did not feel like that.
I really did not want to record it.
Now, I wish I had. 
Afterwards, during the years time of so many sleepless nights, the last thing I wanted to do was be in photos. 
Heck, I'm just happy I had the energy to take photos of the little sleepless wonders.
And now, I regret it. I really do. 

So starting today, I am vowing to take more photos of both myself and my husband with our children. 
Embracing them. 
Loving them. 
Just plain old being present. 


  1. Look at you two, so adorable!! Loving these pictures!

  2. Good Morning bella! These photos are priceless .... You definitely need a tri-pod so you can capture these moments - when it's just the two of you. Ava's smile and expressions show how much she feels loved - priceless! xo C. (HHL)

  3. Great reminder - I really need to take more pics WITH my kids! And you two are beautiful:)

  4. Awesome post. A good reminder to all us mothers! I've recently been sorting through photos to make a collage for a wall in my living room and I've noticed the same thing.

  5. i must say that Will and friends did a great job at taking pictures of me with a then baby Lily. but lately, i'm the one who will have to ask for my picture taken with her since i am usually the one behind the camera. these are lovely shots of the two of you

  6. Dearest Susan,
    Funny, you could have written this post for me... as feelings is concerned after the holidays. BUT you got some priceless pictures here with your little Ava. Yes, aiming for perfection makes us miss out on reality.
    Hugs to you,

  7. Those pictures are so precious! I don't have a lot of pictures with my children either and you've totally inspired me to take more! They grow so fast, we need to capture and cherish each second. :)

  8. WORD! and the part i hate is that since blogging/getting a better camera, NO ONE brings their camera anymore assuming that i'll take all the pictures. EVERY family get together, i take hundreds of pics, none of which i'm in.

  9. So true!! You look awesome as always;)

  10. I absolutely love these pictures! You both look like you're having so much fun!

  11. I loved this SUsan. I am the same way. I have a lot of pics of them and a lot fo pics of me but not of us together! AND I am THE QUEEN of not letting myh ubby take photos because I do lt have makeup on or I'm in my PJ's or whatever!!! LOVE THIS POST. GREAT REMINDER

  12. This is so true. These photos are proof that you need to take more..... such sweetness!

  13. well said preach it. oh and i totally do the same thing. always behind the camera! :) and the ones i am in are blurry lol. I need to embrace the camera more :)

    lovely photos!!!!!


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