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Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Ava Wore: From Rome with Love

My brother and sis.in.law took the most incredible trip to Europe this past summer.
I'm talking London, Paris, Versailles, Lyon, Monaco, San Remo, Rome. Le sigh. 
Between seeing some of the most incredible cities in the world and sipping lattes that are the stuff of dreams, they made the time to stop and shop for ms. Ava.
And they brought home this piece of loveliness. 

Dress - Desigual
Tights - Baby Gap
Pillow - c/o Tulip+I
Our little fashionista didn't stop smiling all day.
Thanks Auntie Dorothy and Uncle Brian! I love my new dress.
Ava Grace

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  1. Wow. This dressa is gorgeous!!! I want one:) I dont know how you get this child to smile so brightly!!! My kids hide and scowl at the camera! Beautiful Susan!

  2. the clothes in desigual are all amazing! ava's dress fits her perfectly, she looks so gorgeous.

  3. I'd be smiling all day in that cute dress too! How fun:)

  4. The dress is adorable ... but Ava and her wild curls have me smiling ear to ear. Love the animation on the last photo!!!xo C. (HHL)

  5. love the dress but love her smile even more!!!!
    btw, i have a great giveaway going on today

  6. So cute. It's absolutely perfect for her!

  7. Love her cute style and pretty hair as always!

  8. You're little bug is a beauty! Love the dress, she is quite the fashionista!

  9. Desigual´s the best shop ever!! It´s one of my favorite!! BTW, lattes are awesome but wine and cheese too -I live in Europe ; )
    Lovely lady, she seems to be in love with her new dress. See you around

  10. That is a way cute dress. I have always love European clothing stores.

  11. She could rock a paper bag. So cute.

  12. Ava couldn't be cuter! What a precious dress!

  13. Awww, she's such a cutie! that dress is gorgeous!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. For the record, it was my wife that picked this dress out from a shop in Rome that would have all you mom bloggers drooling with excitement. I'm not much into young peoples clothing but this place was something special. The Italians have a lot going for themselves, style ranking right near the top of the list!
    Spectacular photos Susan, as usual. Just beautiful

  16. Look at that gorgeous hair Susan, she is sooo adorable!
    xo K


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