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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

His Christmas Wishlist : Under $50

Funny enough, as I was building this wishlist I realized that this year, for the first time ever, my husband and I will not be exchanging gifts.
Why you ask? 
Well, it was our fifteenth anniversary in November and besides already spoiling each other, we also needed to make a few major purchases on the home front including exciting stuff like new cookware and bedding. 
In the meantime, here are a few goodies I would love to have given:

His Christmas Wish List

1. Kinda loving this toque from Banana Republic. I always really like their knits and find they last forever. Which is a good thing since they're always classic. Find it here

2. I searched and searched for a men's leather bracelet that I thought my husband would like. Each of them seemed too feminine or else poorly made. I really like this one by Orovo. And a great deal right now. 

3. Every year without fail, I pick up a concert dvd for my husband or vice versa. When we entertain, it's fun to put one on in place of a regular cd...we always end up gathering in front of the television to watch. This year, I would choose this one by Duran Duran. We're both big fans so it's a win.win

4. A pj set. I buy a set for each of the kids and often (ok, always) end up getting one for my husband as well. Personally, I think this is the best gift around. Something you can always use but rarely buy for yourself. Joe Fresh makes the cutest ones each year and at $19 a set, I often pick up a couple. 

5. You're probably wondering why these from Brantano are here? Truth be told and odd as it may seem, I often buy my husband shoes. Or boots. It is probably some kind of strange this is what I would really want gifting thing. Last year, I got him a pair of fun slippers. Year before, a pair of beautiful suede boots from Banana Republic. This year, I might choose desert boots in this exact color. Love. 

6. I enjoy a nice toiletries bag. And this one, with it's RCAF logo'ing is pretty fun. I really like all the details. 

7. When I think of shaving, I think of my husband. His facial skin is quite sensitive AND even though he shaves daily, he tends to get the 5 o'clock shadow. That said, high quality shaving products are well worth the money for him. I'm pretty good at spotting these at Winners (TJ Maxx) or HomeSense (HomeGoods) and will often pick up well-priced high end brands for him to try. But for Christmas, I would splurge on these from Holt's. Also available at Sephora.

8. And lastly, I'm not sure if anyone actually uses these things but I really want to buy one. I just think they're cool and I really like this leather one from J. Crew. Maybe I could carry mine around with diet coke in it?  

Know that my halls are officially "decked" and that the full-on Christmas shopping has begun. 
Happy Tuesday.


  1. Great ideas. We haven't exchanges gifts in years and don't plan to this year either. It's a bummer but reality nine the less. Xoxo H

  2. Great ideas!! Thankfully I'm done shopping (and wrapping) and won't have to face the crowds of shoppers. Happy Tuesday!! xo C. (HHL)

  3. I really like those shoes! my husband and I haven't exchanged gifts in 3 years. yikes! One of those years we were building our house so we teased and told every one we bought each other a house that year. and then last year we bought a car so same deal. lol. But this year are going to have to buy some sort of gifts b/c elisabeth wants to shop for us ;)

  4. We REALLY need a Joe Fresh here - that is a great deal on those cute pajamas! My husband would love them:)

  5. I love that toiletries bag ... what a great idea! My husband and I usually exchange something small, just so the other person has something to unwrap in the morning, and this looks like just the thing.

    I'm with you on the flask: they're just so cool to look at. Mine would have a medium iced regular in it.

  6. I love #6. I saw it at chapters!

  7. We haven't exchanged gifts in a long time, we usually do stuff for the house or like last year, I had to get a new car. Oh and Jack Black men's products are great! My hubby was given them for Christmas a few years ago by my Stepmom and he is so not a product guy, but he really loves these!

  8. Santa's going to need a bigger sleigh!!!

  9. Great post! Sharing on my Christmas page.


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