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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What To Wear : The Holidays

If you're like me, you find that when holiday shopping, especially when you try to start early, you are shopping less for gifts and more for yourself.
Not sure how that happens.
But it's definitely an argument for all those last minute shoppers out there. 
Really, the only thing I might like to treat myself to this year is a little something to wear when hosting Christmas Eve. 
I'm seeing Mad Men. 
Christmas Eve Inspiration

How perfectly simple is this little number? I can totally see it indoors on Christmas Eve but definitely out later on with a little leather jacket and high black boots.

These are classics. And would make a wonderful Christmas gift if the husband is asking. And if by some chance, he won the lottery recently and feels like buying you that little je ne sais quoi. 

Yes, I know I don't need a handbag in my own home. But as the hostess with the mostess, I think it should be conveniently located somewhere nearby. 

This one is really calling my name. Incessantly. It is from the MOMA collection. Who knew they even HAD a collection! Makes me want to go to the museum right.now. Find it here.  

These glasses I have saved in my ebay account. They are under $10 and I think, would be the perfect compliment to this or any other vintage-inspired ensemble non?

And while I am no stylist  everyone should own at least one good red lipstick. And this one by Nars may just be it. 

So, do you get dolled up over the holidays? 
Do you look to any fashion blogger for inspiration? Do tell!


  1. Classic look Susan. And I am definitely with you on the end up shopping for yourself piece....my goal this year is not to do that, but we will see how that goes :)
    xo K

  2. love these ensemble, especially the classic look of the dress. this one is perfect for the holiday if i may say so.

  3. Susan, this is a gorgeous, elegant and timeless look! Perfect for so many occasions. Loving the shoes and those glasses ...WOW!! Cheers, C. (HHL)
    P.S. Hope you are enjoying this fabulous weather!!! xo

  4. Red is the perfect color for holiday celebrations. Love!

  5. adorbs//all of it.

    i'm a last minute shopper for my kids//early on everyone else :)

  6. Oh I like that dress. I am not sure I would know what to do with heels though. :)

  7. I do get dolled up for the holidays! And I doll the kiddos up too, and even though I'm getting older and 'dolled up' has taken a different tonet these days, I still love it!

    I bet you could pull off those glasses and still look elegant/fashionable! I would look like a total dork. :O)

    1. Of course there's a typo, everything I've typed today has had one... I think it's a sign to get off the computer & go shopping. ;)

  8. Love your picks - classic and lovely. They'd look wonderful on you - I'm sure you host a fantastic party!

  9. such wonderful pieces-love the glasses-the necklace is HOT to but a lil more $$ then I would spend.

  10. I love the outfit! Unfortunately, I don't get dolled up for the Holidays (I dress nicely, but not that nicely!)...maybe if I were having people other than my siblings and mom over, I would! lol

  11. Simple, yet classy look. I have a feeling you will be the center of attention in this!

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  13. My family and my husband's family live in jeans. I would look like a fish out of water if I dressed up. Boo.

  14. Beautiful look! This Christmas we are staying home and dressing way down, boo!


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