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Thursday, November 22, 2012

What that baby Wore : Style Sisters

 Of the many things I hope to teach my girls, the important ones like good hygiene and good manners not withstanding, I hope to teach them about style.
The ability to express yourself through how you present yourself to the world. 
The ability to make what you wear your own. 
A strong belief in self-expression. 
My mother did that for me. Even when I was young and stupid and insisted on wearing boots in the summertime. 
Today, when Isabella does just that? I say to myself pick your battles.
My how things come full circle.
My mother warned me about that. 

On Ava:
Earrings - c/o Silver Speck (here)
Shirt - Joe Fresh
Bracelet - c/o Silver Speck (here)
Leggings - Baby Gap
On Izzy:
Hat - Aritzia
Earrings - c/o Silver Speck (here)
Shirt - Aqua
Peace Bracelet - c/o Silver Speck (here)
Skinnies - American Eagle

Silver Speck {where all the girls cutie pie jewels came from} has 30% all jewelry through Cyber Monday and some amazing Black Friday deals! Be sure to check them out. 
Enter the Alilang jewelry giveaway here.
Linking up with Morgan and the other mama's for Small Style.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends! 


  1. They are both gorgeous. You can see in that first picture how much Ava adores her big sister!

  2. Happy Thursday my friend! Your petite models are amazing in front of the camera. You can see how much love they have for each other and their own personal fashion is brilliant. Love the bracelets on Ava!!! Cheers, xo C. (HHL)

  3. Your girls have amazing style. Love the coordinating stripes. Oh, and PS, the leopard leggings are current. At least in Indonesia. I don't know about Canada. ;)

  4. Oh I love the cap.
    You make beautiful babies :)

  5. cuuuuuuuutee


  6. my mother taught me the same as well as you can only ever make one first impression, make it a good one. they look like they will hold their own in style. i made many mistakes through the years but always true to myself and my own self expression. hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  7. Such gorgeous girls Susan, loving their stripes :)
    xo K

  8. Well both of your girls are very stunning and I am SURE you are passing on your sense of elegance to both of them. You are one very lucky mommy and they are lucky girls!

  9. You have such beautiful girls, Susan! And your girls have a beautiful mother too:)

  10. Your girls are gorgeous! I'm sure they won't have problems styling themselves 'coz they also got one stylish Momma!

  11. Very cute outfits! I love the stripes and how they are coordinated. They look like they are so fond of each other! Not only a beautiful fashion post, but great photos sharing sisterly love!

  12. Your girls are too cute--My little M has already started with trying to pick out her clothes-- I can only imagine when she gets older :)

  13. adorable!!i hear you on picking your battles. I am so happy e still lets me dress her/// best part about daughters you get to "play" dress up :)

  14. Your girls are ansolutely gorgeous! I love that your teaching them how to become women:)

  15. Hey, I love your blog. Great work! Please come and check out my blog. If you decide to follow me I’ll follow you back :) xx



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