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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Her BIG Brother

  These two?
They have a special relationship. 
He looks out for her {we refer to him as safety patrol in these here parts} and she terrorizes him on a daily basis.
If I ask him to look after her for a moment, he will quickly engage in a game of hide and seek.
Which is laughable really since she will only count to 3, and ALWAYS hides behind the curtains in the dining room.
And then giggles. Really loud.
She calls him Juju.
"good morning Juju"
"what you doing Juju?"
"where Juju?"
"that's MINE Juju"
She is not one to give up kisses easily. But for him? She always seems to have one.
And make no mistake. He knows it. 
I've shared before how he was not super-thrilled by the prospect of having another girl in the family back when we found out our sweet baby was to be yet another sister.
And while I'm not sure he would admit it, I think today, he couldn't imagine it any other way. 
Yes, even when she takes apart all of his Harry Potter lego.
Or won't let him sit on the couch because all of "her guys" are sitting there already. 
I know this because when there is only a little bit of milk left? You know, the night before grocery shopping?
He won't drink it.
Because he now knows she needs it in the morning.
I love you Juju.
Ava Grace

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  1. Every girl should have a big brother like him! She is one lucky girl!

  2. The milk story is so simple but speaks volumes. Love it.

  3. cute. love those special sibling relationships!

  4. awww... he is so sweet. having a big brother is really a God's gift. I'm lucky to have not one but 2 big brothers who up to now still take cares of me any small way they can. Ava is so lucky to her Juju.

  5. awww. sweetest.post.ever.!

    love it when they yell out can't fins me ... under the huge lump in the blankets where all the laughing is coming from!

    so sweet about the milk! and we call Jude juju too! sometimes we may or may not call him juju be ... like the candy ;)

  6. That is the sweetest thing! Way to get me teary eyed, Susan! What a special relationship.:)

  7. Such a nice bond! Brothers and little sisters are always so cute! My little Maddie has 3 big brothers and it's adorable to see them together. That "JuJu" seems like an awesome big bro!

  8. I have a younger Bro who's BIGGER then me has been from our teen years...he did look out for me a bit =) SO SWEET!

  9. What a sweet brother. My dad doesn't even save the milk for my daughter when he visits!

  10. That is such an adorable story.
    My stepson has a little brother - my own.
    And even though my son is one and terrorizes him, like when he's sitting peacefully and watching TV, the one year old will come and slap him on his leg for no apparent reason and run away. But he's also the one to go to his room door, knock and cry for him to open as he gives him a big hug.

    My stepson loves those moments when all the baby wants is him.
    It's adorable to watch.

    Khloé Gadson

  11. So sweet. My just 3 year old is SO great w our newborn..I know they will have a special relationships...pretty amazing to watch, right?

  12. No big brother for me, but my daughter adores her big brothers! She's 8 -- they are 15 and 18. While she and 15 sometimes squabble, she knows that he will always watch out for her. I love to watch my boys with their sister. Priceless.

    GREAT PHOTOS -- as always!

  13. Dearest Susan,

    You got a great family and they blend in nicely with love and play.
    Hugs to you,

  14. Aww..so sweet. My little girl adores her 2 elder brothers too.. they really treat her like a princess.

  15. I was just thinking of you this week and wondering how you are doing. This is the most perfect of posts Susan...my favorite kind..the ones that touch my soul and bring tears to my eyes. thank you for sharing such goodness!

  16. I love reading about beautiful sibling relationships like theirs. It makes me so hopeful for my own two!

  17. So cute together! I just love her curly hair:)

  18. so sweet. i wish my kids got along this well. love-hate, i tell you. and actually more hate, not enough love.

    reminds me of my son. we play hide and seek, and he tells me where to hide!



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