Ava Grace's Closet: Things I Learned on Vacation 2012
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Things I Learned on Vacation 2012

Each year, I find our family vacation allows me to relax and enjoy my surroundings and my family more than I would otherwise.
And in doing so, am always learning new things which I began to capture last year.

My favorite coffee from McDonald's? Absolutely AWFUL in Florida. If this is any indication of what it is like in the rest of America, it is no wonder my blog friends couldn't understand this love. And, as if God knew how much I missed this cup of perfection...it was free coffee week last week. Yes, of course I went every day.

Ava may sleep better in a playpen. I am not sure what this says about her. Know that she could barely fit but seemed to be oddly content. It might have something to do with the furry Minny Mouse blanket contained in said crib. I really should have brought it home.

Opening a found coconut is not as easy as it looks. Even though I googled every.single.method and then some, I still wasn't successful. Boo.

John Frieda's Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray really does work. I was not paid in any way for this endorsement although, really, their people should call my people. Just look at these before and after's!
If a baby lizard gets into your condo and is climbing up your family room wall, do not try to use a glass to "capture" it. You will cut off one of it's cute little legs and feel really guilty about it. My father insists they grow back. Does anyone know? I did notice a lot of tailless lizards running around so my guess is not so much.

You can, {and I did!} eat your weight in ice cream, especially if it is of the not.available.in.Canada special edition coconut macaroon Haagen Dazs variety.
I would be lying if I didn't mention that I am thinking about it almost daily. 

Solo drives with your son? They will surely allow for some of the craziest (and funniest!) conversations ever. 
J: PacMan? You actually played PacMan
me: Yes, yes I did. Actually, I was the Queen of PacMan.
J: Wow. Wow, mom. 
You are old.

Seeing a mama duck and her babies can make for ridiculous, almost giddy excitement. For as long as I live, I will never forget how amazed we all were as we watched them make their way past us.
And lastly, and very importantly, if your 10 year old son asks you to play a game of "would you rather?"...always, ALWAYS, say no. 
You're welcome.

Happy Monday friends!


  1. Good Morning Bella! ... McDs also makes great hot chocolate (who would have guessed???)... Isabella looks great ... her lighter locks surely a sign she is growing up! (don't worry ... you are a wonderful mother and she is an amazing young lady!!) ... Boys do come up with the craziest things in conversation ... our Godson and his 3 brothers come up with some thought generating tales.

    HD coconut macaroon ... seriously!! We need a road trip to Niagara!!! Closest border point for us, I think.

    Welcome home my friend!! Hugs, C (HHL)

  2. Dearest Susan,

    That is funny! We seldom go to any fast food chain, due to health issues. You should try next time to go with your family to a Whole Foods. Not only can you shop there for high quality fresh produce and everything else, but they have a great food bar; hot and cold. When our German son (he is more or less our adopted son...) with wife and little children came to Florida in 2008, we all went there. Great for kids, they can pick what they want and you can eat at a table or kind of bar, have access to microwave and fresh water (free). Their coffee is great too. Just try it!
    Don't think that feet on lizards will re-grow!
    As for Isabella, she looks great with her natural hair as well. I for myself have never ever dyed my hair. All those chemicals are not the best for it either, one can tell as the years accumulate.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Glad you had such a wonderful time! Hope you're enjoying the last bits of summer at home!

  4. this is such a cute post! first, let me tel you to open a coconut you hack right around the top edge with a large knife in a circular motion, then you pry the top off - after that it's easier to hack the rest open. I had a friend show me once and it works! second, her hair looks fabulous! It soooo natural! amazing. third, conversations with my son in the car are one of my favorite things. like and sounds like a fabulous trip : )

  5. This is a great post! We found a coconut while on vacation in Miami once, and tried everything too. My husband finally put a baseball hat on it, put it in a chair, and took a picture, lol.

    I loved your post. Your daughter's hair is great (though I love it 'before' too), and your tip to not play 'Would You Rather' w/a ten-yr old boy was right on the money, ROFL!!!

  6. It's been a while since I visited and I love the new blog look! Too funny on the PacMan convo. That coconut macaron ice cream sounds good!

  7. Susan I love this post!! I would be upset about the lizard too and I can see my dad saying the same thing to me. Love, the ducks! We get excited over those things too. I also had to laugh over the conversations with your son and the tip to always no to a game of I'd Rather!! Sounds like you had a great trip!! Welcome back!

  8. oh yum! that ice cream looks amazing!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  9. What a fun list of vacation lessons. I especially like the pack-n-play notation. I think it's so cool how adaptable kids are. Way more than we often give them credit. :)

  10. You had me at Coconut Macaroon Hagen Daaz! Wow, I am amazed that spray actually works and didn't turn her hair orange. She's gorgeous!

  11. Love this post, all the vacation do and dont do! Love the spray tan, I need to try that!

  12. ok, i don't think lizard legs grow back, but i thought the tails were supposed to!!

    it's interesting you noticed a difference in McDs coffee. i wouldn't say it's my favorite, but ours is pretty good here (compared to other fast food places).

  13. opening a coconut is no joke. ok technically I've never even tried, but I have very vivid memories of my uncles opening them up with very large knives.

  14. Haha love it! Glad you. Enjoyed and are back at home! I kinda laughed about the lizard poor thing lol

  15. YES the Mcdonald's coffee if not good here....in CA. Funny it's so good in Canada, even the iced coffee stinks here:) Your daughter is such a beauty, love the new color. We are going on vacation in Sept and I am debating taking the pack n play for the baby because they never sleep well in those things...maybe little miss Ava was just so exhausted from all her vacay activities.

  16. LOL! I played PAC Man too, guess I'm an old lady! Yeah we get lizards in the house a lot, I try to shoo them out and we have a plasitic glassware bowl designated as the lizard catcher. Not sure if their legs grow back, I know their tails do. It'll be fine though. My hubby swears by Dunkin Donuts coffee :o)


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