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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Water Baby

When Julian was somewhere around three or so, we enrolled him in swimming lessons at the local community centre.
Getting him to take off his t-shirt was a struggle.
A shower before entering the pool area was absolutely out.of.the.question.
I felt as though I was dragging him to the pool.
And we only ever got as far as sitting on the first step.
We quit after lesson #2.
And then, there is this little one.
Always ready to hit the pool.
I put her in a few times at home before we arrived in Florida and by the second time, she was swatting us away, whining and trying to go in solo.
By the third time, she was willing to lie on her back while we pulled her through the water.
Since we've arrived, she swims each morning and will search out her "babing suit" when she knows it's time.
She's even taken to leading the way to the pool.
Her new favorite game {which is doing wonders for toning my arms!} is making her way over to where I am standing at the pool edge and saying "I ready to jump".
She does. I catch her and swim her over to the stairs where she proceeds to do it all over again.
We repeat the process at least 25 times until she tires out or my arms can take no more.
Usually the latter.
I find it truly amazing to see the differences in my children.
How one or the other takes to different things and at what pace they learn to love or loathe something.
Know that our Julian is now an avid swimmer.
And did eventually get back in that very same community centre pool to complete his level six lessons.
Who ever would have thought?


  1. I love that you didn't push Julian. Kids really do adjust to fears and do things in their own time. It is so true that each kid is so different. Ava looks adorable in all her swimming glory!

  2. I can't get over how freaking adorable she is. Everytime I see pictures of her it makes me want a girl so bad!!! We just had boy #3 and that's it...no more! Love seeing pictures of this little babe.

    1. I visited this morning to get a look at your beautiful new babe. He is just precious!

  3. They truly are their own little soul!
    She is so gorgeous.

  4. Looks like Ava is having the best time!! You are creating some wonderful memories!! xo C. (HHL)

    P.S. it has been really hot here too! Hopefully some rain will happened soon, but Frankie Flowers is calling for an other dry week.xo

  5. It is truly amazing to see how different kids in the same family can be from one another. I love that she looks for her "babing suit", she is certainly adorable. It sounds like you are having a great time on vacation, enjoy!

  6. Oh my!! Judei s evil kenviel at home and will NOT go near the pool... I made him go i nthe other day and he screamed the whole time... now Elisabeth I have to bribe to get out!

    what a difference...glad your little cutie loves the water!!!

  7. Lilah calls it her "babing suit" too! :)


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