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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Dr U.P.S. driver,
Please knock LOUDER. My short-term memory is all but gone and now you are making me feel as though my hearing is going too.

Dear on-line shopping,
You are so enticing in your ways. Sending me all of those sale updates and then making it so easy by delivering right to the door for free.
See above.

Dear mamas of minivans,
You may have a point here. I rather like the roominess, comfort and ease of this boxy wonder. I still feel ridiculously unsexy driving in you. 

Dear heath bar(s),
Know that I missed you so. And I will miss you until next time we meet again or until the stash of you that I am bringing home runs out. Whichever.

Dear Florida mosquitoes,
We didn't think you actually existed until this summer. And now, we have learned just how wicked you are. Please go away.

Dear Dunkin' Donuts,
Thank you.
That is all.


  1. Too funny. I too would be thanking Dunkin Donuts!

  2. Great way to start my morning today... thanks for making me smile! It's amazing how in the U.S. 99% of on-line purchases are FREE delivery!! Can you believe it will be August 1st tomorrow? Hugs and happy shopping..xo C. (HHL)

  3. Dear S, pls come home safe. I will see you soon , come visit me downtown.. Yours truly M.

  4. Oh yeah the mosquitoes have been horrible! My brother came down from Illinois to go to Hilton Head with us and he was amazed at all the huge bugs down here in GA. I guess I'm used to them now, but yes we do have extra large bugs in the southeast! I once fought a scorpion in my kitchen, I'm so brave - lol!

  5. Thanks for coming by and leading me to your awesome blog. I agree about the mosquitos. I've had a couple of bad ER moments courtesy of these little buggers! x

  6. haha i laughed about the van ... we set out to get one this Jan before little miss arrived ... I.just. couldn't. do . it. lol...we ended up with a cross over.

    p.s. I ration out my girl scout cookies because we only get them once a year :)

  7. So funny about your minivan;) Isn't Dunkin' Donuts fabulous? They have a drive thru too!

  8. Susan... I love this! Especially the UPS driver! You made me feel really good about this one being that my short term memory... oops I forgot what I was going to say! lol! Oh and I used to drive a mini-van... I sure do miss it! Especially since it was like being incognito until one stepped out of the mini-van.... WHOO-YA! ;) Love my little Rav4!! Blessings to you and yours!

  9. We had a Dunkin' Donuts in Florida that was a stone's throw away from our house (if driving a car), and it had a DRIIIIIIIIIIVE-THROUGH window (in sunny, hot Florida). Of course we utilized it for quick coffee/doughnut runs all of the time.

    Now I'm in rural Michigan and there's one DD in the closest town but it's pretty far from my house, and it has (again, in a state that is freezing cold half the year and could benefit from one) no drive-through window, lol. Oh DD, how I miss you so. :)

  10. Love your giveaway! I entered it- such fantastic swim suits. Shoo mosquitoes and just thinking about DD makes me long for an iced coffee right now!

  11. dunkin donuts is the best. saved many a day :D

  12. That is super funny. I could see myself in every one of those. You are on a roll today!

  13. I love the part about Dunkin Donuts! Actually I loved it all, but that one hit closest to home. I may invite the gal at the drive-thru window to The Boy's next birthday...that's how much I value her existence!

  14. How fun!!! Right now, we get daily UPS deliveries. The dog, thankfully, has super-sonic hearing and never misses the knock... or the truck's turn into the driveway... or the truck driving by on the street... WOOF!

  15. i'm so behind... i have yet to see magic mike. heck, i just want to see a movie in a theater, period! and i LOVE heath bars.

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