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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I was tagged last week by one of my fave bloggy friends, Shannon at The Scribble Pad.
She asked me to answer 10 random questions so here goes!

1. What is your Secret Single Behavior
I talk to myself all.the.time. Doesn't everyone? I also occasionally drink milk right out of the bag (ever so careful not to let the kids see) and always pee with the door open. 
Wrong? I have my brother to thank for that. 
2. What book are you reading right now (be honest!)? I'm reading Shiver which may or may not be a teen novel. OK, it is. If you enjoyed the Twilight series, you will love this. Think more Jacob than Edward.

3. What are three books on your "to read" list? 
Just three? I have to finish the last book in the Shades of Grey trilogy, Freed. A friend just lent me Cutting for Stone and When God was a Rabbit so I need to get to those as well. 

4. What is your most used Android/iPhone/iPad App? 
I just switched over to an iPhone from Blackberry and am full-on addicted to Draw Something. I'm Susan J. if you're playing. I will warn you, I am good. 
5. If you could go on a Blogger Friend Date with any blogger, who would you pick? (Besides me, of course) Ooooh this one is tough. I have been on a date with this amazing gal and we had such a great time. Next time, I would definitely choose Christina. We would eat our way through as much dessert and drink as much Dr. Pepper as possible.

6. What is a favorite memory of yours that is not related to your marriage and/or child(ren)? 
Definitely childhood summers spent in Croatia. Did anyone get a chance to see The Bachelorette last night? Yeah, that place. 

7. What songs do you dance in the kitchen to? 
I will dance to anything. Love top 40 and Madonna is a long-time fave. My dancing may or may not embarass my 13 yo daughter. She's just jealous.
8. What is something you have learned about yourself through blogging? 
That I like to act as though I missed my calling as a supermodel? Every say, Wednesday?

9. What are your comfort foods? 
Chocolate. Ice cream. Pasta. Pizza. Red licorice. Nibs. 
Not necessarily in that order. 

10. What is the last song you purchased? 
Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine. We like Adam Levine around here. 

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  1. Great post ! It's always great to learn a little more about our blogging friends. Chuckle over the milk out of the bag and I think we all try to bust a move or two especially to Madonna ~ her music was such a huge part of growing up for us 40somethings. Wishing you a fabulous day! xo HHL

  2. I talk to myself all the time too:) Glad to know I'm not alone!

  3. Oh fun I will do this, this week!

    oh friend ...we would be no good for each other...lol!!!

    I am writing down your book choices :) haha about dancing and Madonna...my mom always cleaned the house and listened to madonna ...she can also do the roger rabbit and any other 80's dance move...drives my sister crazy...lol

    stereo hearts...a favorite song to dance to in our house!

    ps. I am so finding you on draw something!!!

  4. ok so maybe you should come find me ... lol ... I fairly certain I played draw something with the wrong person :) here is my user name : Treeofolive :)

  5. my imaginary friend is talking to your imaginary friend right now!

  6. What great answers, Susan! I definitely laughed about peeing with the door open. I'm also guilty of that one!

  7. haha, we never close the bathroom doors around here either...only to avoid the chilly breeze when we shower, maybe! thanks for the tag!

    Anastasia of Beverly Hills-GIVEAWAY

  8. It's great to read more about you :)

  9. I've been tagged!! :)

    I LOVE Draw Something!! I am mrsz500. I am so going to play with you! I have about 20 games going on simultaneously! :)

    I read a blog recently about peeing. Not only did the girl pee with the door closed, but with the water running so her spouse couldn't hear!!! All I can say is... Water Conservation!!!! I seriously couldn't get over that one!!

  10. That was SO much fun! It's amazing how much you don't know, even when you share you life on a blog!

  11. Dearest Susan,

    Ha-ha, this is fun to read. You were quite in the mood for writing it in a humorous way! Number 1 is also my habit, except the milk box... But when we went through training for First Aid Help in The Netherlands (had my diploma to practice this at the college I worked for, to officially care for all workers IF) and it opened my eyes. Hearing that often people would pass out on a toilet, doors locked and it could be life-threatening if nobody can get to them quickly, e.g. with a stroke or else. So that became second nature for me ever since. Not in restaurants of course but often they are open from the bottom and guess for the same emergency reason.
    Welcome to the iPhone addicts. I love my S4 16 GB White! It is amazing what they all can do. Compared to my previous Blackberry it is a huge leap.
    Love your Karma about passing it on to bloggers in order to support them!
    Enjoy your mid-week and love to you,

  12. Ha ha! Love your dancing bit...your kid's jealous...funny!


  13. Fun to read about you. I read Shiver too. Loved the first and second and then was a little disappointed in the 3rd and final novel, but I am not sad I read them.

  14. I talk to myself all the time too! I always say I do it because I'm the only one who actually listens to me -lol!

  15. Yay! Thanks for playing. Totally had you pegged for a Madonna girl, glad to see I was right. :)


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