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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Everything for Dad

Finding the perfect gift for the man/men in your life can be a challenge sometimes. Honestly, my husband is pretty easy...sometimes the bigger challenge is narrowing down the items I might like to surprise him with. 

I inevitably add a book to whatever else I may be picking up for my husband. He enjoys biographies most so last gift included Steve Jobs'. 

for the book lover:
I chose one I think my husband would enjoy, but any of these are great reco's.

for the fashionista:
Custom Tailored Shirt by Maxwell's Clothiers.
If you, or your significant other, have never owned a custom made dress shirt, do yourself a favor and give just one a try. I own three of these and have worn them to death. The fit and quality are impeccable and the price? Ridiculously reasonable.
Their team comes to various locations within Canada, Australia and the U.S. on an ongoing basis. Check their website for details. 
I have no words for how cute the below leather paperweight is. I want one for myself and I don't even like baseball. 

for the sports fanatic: 
Heritage Baseball paperweight by Coach
for the traveller:
Frommer's by Lug travel pillow. Model is not included. 
I had never tried one of these before my mother's recent trip to Europe. Her's was a gift from my sister-in-law and honestly, once I tried it, I didn't want to give it back. A must-have.

for the movie buff:
Available here
Please note : he may never leave the house again. Also note, no one looks as good as Halle in a white bikini. And no one ever will. 

for the foodie:
A Marc McEwan extravaganza.
A "two-parter" if you will. That cookbook right there? My current favorite. It taught me first and foremost never to cook without kosher salt again. And a gift card to any one of his incredible T.O. restaurants. 
The receiver of said gift may take you along. A good thing. 

 for the car enthusiast: 
 Ferrari jacket
We may or may not already own an abundance of Ferrari merchandise but this would still be welcome.
And my nephew could borrow it. You're welcome Adam.

For the beer aficionado:

Join here.
This is neat. Kinda like a LuxeBox only not. Receive 12 beers (3 different varieties of micro-brew) each month. Only available in Canada, ay.  

And lastly, for my favorite kind of dad. The newly introduced kind. It seems so long ago that we were celebrating our first Father's Day.
for the new father:
Diaper Bag by DadGear
What's on your list for dad?


  1. Dearest Susan,

    It might be nice to follow the commercial Father's Day but far more important is to maintain it for ALL 365 days.
    Love to you,


    1. I wholeheartedly agree but still nice to have one special day to recognize the important men in your life outwardly.
      Love back at ya! xo

  2. Ooh, great list! I might have to look into that paperweight for my baseball loving husband. He's impossible to shop for because he is so particular!

  3. Forget about the rest of the year. Just want ALL this stuff on the 17th!

  4. One time I gave my sweetie a membership in the Beer of the Month Club. He absolutely loved it!

  5. In love with that adorable baseball paper weight! Great picks!
    xo K
    ps- bloglovin back at you :)

  6. Neat ideas. I still have no idea what to get my dad. The dad that has everything.

  7. These all are great ideas! I know my husband would love the Beer of the Month Club. I imagine I will be giving that a try. He would probably also would like the custom made shirts. He has more shirts that I do! Thanks!

  8. fun list. I have no idea what we are doing for Daddies day this year

  9. My husband always gets custom shirts and ties. He loves them, although now his closet is starting to rival mine in size! ;)

  10. what a great round up of ideas! I love all of them. I love 007, that was something my dad and I often watched and I didn't even think of that for a gift. I also love that baseball paperweight. take care!

  11. Great ideas! Loving the Coach baseball paperweight!

  12. Some wonderful selections mon ami! ... especially the Ferrari jacket and book !! xo C. HHL


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