Ava Grace's Closet: Leftie
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Thursday, May 31, 2012


We've been watching Ava for a while now.
The way she colors. Holds a spoon when self-feeding.
She is definitely a leftie.

Did you know that only approximately 15% of the world population is? And that males are 2x more likely to be than females?
Or that lefties are more likely to be geniuses? 20% of MENSA members are.
I think she is too. 
Dress - Tommy Hilfiger
The likelihood of 2 righties (like my husband and I) having a left-handed child is only 2%. 
And we have two of 'em.
Since this sweet girl is a leftie as well.
Headband - Goody | Tank - Old Navy
I would say we won the leftie lottery.
Since 3 out of the last 5 U.S. president's (including Mr. Obama) are all lefties.
Too soon?

Do you have or are you a leftie? So curious.
Read more cool facts here.


  1. Oh, I'm a leftie too and my girl is showing some signs being a leftie.

  2. What a cutie! Following you, follow us back? :)

  3. I would totally vote for her for President! Can you believe that I have only ever met 1 leftie my entire life!?

  4. What a joy to find this blog. I am a leftie and remember being made fun of throughout my childhood for being "different." I learned to embrace what made me stand out from the crowd. Ava is beautiful! You are very blessed.

  5. My Mom was watching Jacob earlier while he was crawling about and she said he just might be a lefty because he grabs things initially with his left hand. They say it could still change though considering his age. But both me and my husband are righties so we just might join the club if he is indeed a lefty. :D

    Visiting from vB! :D

  6. JUDE IS A LEFTY! he even kicks the ball with his left foot :) ... I am conviced lefties are more smart...but who knows!

    love the stats!!

  7. p.s.s. lol I am also finding how backwards the world is for my little left handed boy...some toys as hard for him to use!

    also everyone says girls are expensive I am convinced lefties are ... he will have to have his own baseball glove, golf clubs, and guitar...if he shows interest in those things ( which he already does )

  8. Aw, I'd vote for her! Too early to tell if any of mine will be lefties. My almost 4 year old seems to be right handed, but the twins are too young yet for a definitive answer. I have one left-handed uncle, but everyone else in my family is a righty!

  9. So adorable! My grandpa is a lefty but I think he's the only on in my family.

  10. Is handedness hereditary? I am a lefty and want to badly for one of my twins to be a left too, but it looks like they are leaning right.

  11. My littlest is a leftie too - and my husband and are both righties!

  12. I HAD a lefty and he went to Kindergarten and started writing with his right hand. He stills using utensils in either or.

  13. Yep! My hubby and I, both righties, have a daughter who is a leftie. Her little brother is a rightie though.

    I did not realize that about the presidents. Thanks for the cool facts!


  14. My husband and I are both lefties, born from parents who are all righties....wonder what the odds are in that happening?! We have a baby girl, and can't wait to see what hand she uses!

  15. I am a leftie 2!!!
    We need to unite!!!
    My son is actually right handed when eating and writing but he bats and holds a hockey stick with his left. He has the best of both worlds :)

  16. We think Ana is a leftie too...oh gee, if they could only meet Ana and Ava would love each other..

    stay well


  17. I'll have to agree with everything you said...
    my middle is a leftie.... both hubby and i??? righties!!!! :0
    yep... lefties are definitely in their own league - gotta love them!


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