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Thursday, January 12, 2012

These Days

Little miss won't keep her socks on.
Kicks off her boots in the middle of the grocery store.
And has started using a new high-pitched scream when she doesn't get her way. It's very pleasant.
She says "stop it" when I tickle her too much. But she doesn't really mean it.

I will find her standing in the very corner of her crib when she awakes from a nap.
Clutching her Bobo and holding her empty bottle saying "num num".
 Codeword : Milk. 
Her very favorite thing these days.
So much so, my husband thinks we should just go ahead and buy that cow.
It's right...there...if I can just...
on Ava:
floral blouse - Old Navy
leggings - Joe FRESH


  1. haha awwwwww. I love when they saw stop tickling me...which always mean tickle me more :) I gave up the fight about sock with Jude a looooonnnnggg time ago!

    p.s we go through 2 gallons of milk every 3 days...a cow might be cheaper :)

  2. How funny, our little one is the same way -- we should've invested in a cow long time ago -- but a chocolate cow! (he wants ovaltine in his milk every morning... and it has to be warmed up!) Ava looks so cute in that outfit! :) Well, she looks cute all the time really.

  3. It is hard to imagine such a cute little thing taking off her boots and screaming! Ah, such is the life of raising a toddler, right?!

  4. sounds like someone is getting older and getting her own mind set on things :)

  5. She is such a cutie! She looks great in that color of blue!!

  6. that dress/tunic is so precious! Corey is right, the color looks great on your little darling.

  7. Such a cute, cute post my friend! You must be so glad you made the decision to be there to witness so many magical, blissful moments. Thank you for sharing...your posts truly warm my heart and make me lovingly reminisce of days gone by...

  8. Oh dear, again with the wonderful hair. She looks totally darling, the little sweet pie, even if she does drink you out of house and home. (PS my little skinnny minnie former non-eater ate 3/4 of a loaf of bread yesterday. Holy moley)

  9. Total cuteness all around! She is going to have very strong healthy bones. We have a couple of milk farmers near by ... Wishing you a good week-end; stay warm ~~ and lets hope the snow stays south of 7. xo Blessings, HHL


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