Ava Grace's Closet: An In.spired Series ~ Shannon of The Scribble Pad
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An In.spired Series ~ Shannon of The Scribble Pad


  1. Of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.
  2. (of a person) Exhibiting such a creative impulse in the activity specified: "an inspired gardener".
The blogging community is full of so many incredible women. Women who are far more creative than I. And have amazing stories to share. 
This is one of them.

Welcome Shannon!

Hi, I am Shannon from The Scribble Pad. I am a mother, a blogger, and a stationer with an etsy shop! It all started when I was a little girl, just like Ava. Here is a picture of me around the time when I first fell in love with arts and crafts:

circa early 80s
As the oldest of four children and I think my mom was thrilled when she realized I would sit quietly for hours if I had some scrap paper and colored pencils. Quickly, my collection amassed. Crayons, coloring books, paints, rubber stamps, and fancy markers, you name, it I had it. New supplies were all I ever asked for from anyone. From Santa for Christmas, from aunts and uncles for birthdays, I even asked the Easter bunny for stamps and ink pads one year!

clearly excited!

I loved water colors and charcoals and oils. Mostly, I loved to doodle. 

Art was my favorite subject, and continued to be all the way through high school. I found joy when I was creating. And although I considered going to art school, I never really thought I was very good. So I packed up my art supplies and put them away when I went off to college.

In 2002 I met a guy and in 2006 he asked me to marry him. A wedding to plan, the blogging world was still fairly new, and pinterest had not yet even been imagined. Irregardless, the idea of my own wedding fueled my creativity once again. I leveraged my years of doodling and decided to lean on the calligraphy I had learned as a little girl and tackle my wedding invitations.

Addressing my own wedding invitations in my very own calligraphy brought me so much joy, that I quickly began doing wedding calligraphy on the side.

Jump forward a few more years having completed the calligraphy for countless weddings and quickly moving to custom invitation design for bridal showers, baby showers, and birthdays. I am now a mom getting less sleep and less time to focus on calligraphy, but the longing to dig my hands in and get creative is strong. After many encouraging chats with friends, I finally launched my etsy shop in November 2011.

I dusted off my old rubber stamps, and acquired some new ones to begin making stationery for all of life's occasions. I am having a blast. So much fun that I want to share it with all of you. So today, I would like to give away a set of love notes just in time for Valentine's day!

One winner will receive a set of six 3x3 red and cream stock paper featuring an assortment of hand stamped, hand embossed hearts and love birds. These are perfect for your sweetheart on valentines day, your anniversary, notes for kids lunch boxes, or for simply expressing gratitude for a great friend.

To enter:
::You must be a follower of Ava Grace's Closet via GFC::
+ Leave a comment saying who in your life needs a little love note from you.

Extra entries:
+ Favorite The Scribble Pad on Etsy 
+ Follow The Scribble Pad Blog 
+ Like The Scribble Pad on Facebook 
+ Like Ava Grace's Closet on Facebook 
+ Follow Ava Grace's Closet Bloglovin' 
+ Tweet about the giveaway, here is a sample: @AvaGracesCloset is giving away sweet love notes from @TheScribblePad today :: http://bit.ly/nSOL4c 

And because you are bound to see something you love in her etsy shop, Shannon has sweetly provided a coupon code for 30% all hand-stamped items :: use code LoveAvaGrace

A huge thanks to Susan for hosting me here today. She is an incredible encouragement as a mother and friend. And I am thrilled she gave me a chance to share my business with you! Can't wait to see who wins!!

Thanks so much for being here Shannon and sharing your love for all things creative! 
You are an inspiration.
I want to win. *pout*

**enter through Sunday, February 5th at midnight. winner will be chosen by random.org and announced on Monday**
Good Luck.


  1. did all 4 extra entries :) loves notes to my hubby Jon - who continues to annoy, irritate, bug, tease, adore, worship, love me for 20 years. :)

  2. oh yayy!!! I <3 Shannon :) I would send one to my momma and my dadd :)

  3. And I already follow The Scribble pad!

  4. added her shop to my faves on Etsy

  5. GFC follower - oomph
    -my daughter need some lovin'
    following on bloglovin #10


  6. I follow you of course and I would love to give a little note to my hubbby who I never get to see anymore:(

  7. I have added Scribble pad as a fave on ETsy:)

  8. I am a new follower of Scribble pad blog!!!

  9. ANd I am a new follower of yours on Facebook:) Lovely giveaway Susan!

  10. Shannon ... you certainly have been blessed with a wonderful gift. Your art will bring smiles and happiness to the lives of others. Your House warming cards are brilliant... wishing you a world of success! ...HHL

    1. @High Heeled Life - thank you for your sweet and encouraging words! It means the world.


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