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Friday, November 25, 2011

I am BLANK because...

You may have seen a few of these posted around the blogosphere.
I'll call this one The Fashion Edition.
Because I can.

I am weird because...
I will not mix metals. 
I prefer the highest heels possible to flat comfortable ones.

I will suffer in said heels in the name of fashion.
If I have on dark undergarments on the bottom, and then decide on a light colored top...I will completely change to match. 
I have a hard time getting rid of items I spent a lot of money on. Even when they are on the do.not.wear.ever list.
I am a bad friend because...
I might ditch you in favor of reading the fall issue of Vogue when it arrives. You know the one - it goes on for days.
I might be too honest about your fashion choices. I expect the same in return. That makes it ok, right?
I am a good friend because...
I will shop WITH you, FOR you for as long as it takes.
I'll let you know where I got what. And how much it really cost. I will encourage you to get one too if you love it.
I will happily make fun of critique celebrity {or other} fashion choices with you. 
I am sad because...
I don't get dressed up as often anymore since I'm home. Thank goodness for What.I.Wore
Ava is growing up too fast. Yes I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with fashion. I'm still sad about it.
I am excited for...
and lots of cozy knee high socks underneath.
How cute are those? 


  1. I feel the same way since being home with my son. I've abandoned some of my favorite clothes because I'm so used to dressing down at home.

  2. i dont have to dress up for work, so i make myself on my days off

  3. I love the fashion spin on this! I love when friends are honest about how something looks on me! It's so refreshing! :)

  4. Great post! These are fun ways to get to know fellow bloggers :)

  5. Yeah, well six kids later and I don't even think I have a wearable pair of heels in my closet (I always vow to change that but every time I buy a pair of shoes, I always rationalize purchasing the pair I'd wear every day or get more use out of!). Same with the clothes - I go to buy clothes and I end up having to buy the ones I'll wear the most, i.e. jeans and T's.. oh well!

  6. I'm here from fashion Friday. Love this post and those socks.


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