Ava Grace's Closet: The Red Box
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Red Box

Little miss has figured out that the door adjoining our family room leads to a sunshine-filled (full of things she cannot touch)  sun room.
The room was an addition to the original house and not a very well thought out space.
It's not used as often as we would like ~ for now, it has become the older kids' hangout.
Imagine her joy when she came across this ~
The elusive red box is always up high.
Julian must have left it out.
The joy.
The silly bands.
The learning that little miss knows red.(ed)blue(boo).yellow(elo)
And how to appear innocent.
Even when she's guilty as charged.
"if she breaks one, she's paying for it" 
Nothing like brotherly love.


  1. tee hee.. nothing like the joy of sweet (forbidden) discovery eh? Cute way of capturing the moment.. and the 'glow' reflecting on her!
    Mel :o)

  2. Ha ha ha....that was funny :) Very cute.

  3. Oh dear! What a little darling!

  4. this is precious!! i love the pictures.

  5. so cute! I would have been rejoicing over the 30 mins + of entertainment :) ...what her siblings don't know won't hurt them :)

  6. i knew it, she wasn't as innocent as we thought!!! way to go Ava, big brother is always watching! xoxox

  7. What a doll! LOVE her hair... I am sure I said that before. Don't you just love when they give you those sweet looks after they did something wrong!

  8. What a little sweet heart! She has the cutest hair! I love the pictures with the red box! Nice you could get pictures of this!

  9. Oh, she is so adorable!! Sounds a little like my house. Love your pictures!

  10. She is just precious! I am def going to check out this link up you suggested... thanks!! xox

  11. Oh my goodness, the MAGIC red box. Pretty cute.

  12. Haha... that sounds like something my oldest would say!! :) Glad she had fun with the forbidden box. :)

  13. So. Awesome. You captured the guilty look PERFECTLY. This is what toddlerhood is all about!

  14. The last picture is too precious. She's so cute!

  15. she'll probably need a small loan from her loving brother if she ends up breaking one =)


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