Ava Grace's Closet: Fourth Grade Wonder
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fourth Grade Wonder

Someone is starting the fourth grade tomorrow.
Our Julian does well at school. Not super well but he is smarter than he let's on.
This we know. As has every teacher who has had the pleasure and sometime difficulty of teaching our boy.
He can be so challenging. 
Careless. Easily distracted. Even more easily frustrated.
Especially when he doesn't "get" something right away.
He is so hard on himself. 

This boy who is more proficient at most computer applications.downloads.set up's than are his father and I combined.
The same boy who notices things like an open door.gate.staircase, anything that could be potentially dangerous to his baby sister, before anyone.
And always finds a creative way to remedy the situation.
The boy who can fix anything.
Including a nightlight in my daughter's room that I just couldn't get to work.
He insisted on trying his hand at fixing it. He stared at it for like a minute -
And then, he made it work.
I still don't know how.

I always thought our boy might be loud like me. A go-getter like his father. A sports nut like every man in our family.
But he's not any of those things. Yet.
He beats to his own drum.
And one day, I am convinced this soon-to-be fourth grader will do BIG things.

I love you sweet boy.


  1. What a sweet post...they are truly unique little beings. I can just imagine the man he'll grow up to be...

  2. I love this. It is so sweet. I especially love that he is is own guy and that your appreciate that in him.

  3. oops.. I need to have coffee before commenting on blogs! Ignore the double is and "your" instead of "you". Now I'm off to make my coffee. : )

  4. so sweet...what a difference in every child right?! Thank goodness b/c if everyone were the same the world would be a boring place!

  5. What a sweet post! Hope your sweet boy has a fabulous 1st day of school!


  6. So sweet, it makes me want ot go hug and kiss my first grader!! Who will be in fourth in the blink of an eye:(

  7. This is SO SO sweet!! Good luck to you both tomorrow!!

  8. your son is so cute. such a wonderful post <3

  9. What a sweet post about your son. He sounds like a cool forth grader. I think kids who beat their own drums end up being cooler adults.


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