Ava Grace's Closet: What We Wore Wednesday
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What We Wore Wednesday

The Wednesday's just keep on coming. 
No matter how hard we try to slow them down.
Why is it that summer days seem to pass so quickly?
Look who's as surprised as I am.
Tank and pants - Icky Baby
Sandals - Naturino
Dress - Poof!
Heart Earrings - Forever XXI
Peace Necklace - Fossil
Tank - Forever XXI
Skirt - unknown


  1. All 3 of you look super fab! Love your skirt.

  2. What a great skirt!! you all look so cute as always!

  3. Your entire family is just beautiful! :)

  4. The summer really is zipping by, isn't it? I feel like it just began! You're all beautiful, just as always:)

  5. I love all three looks. I'm a sucker for skirts so absolutely adore yours. Why in the world was this beauty locked away in the dungeon?

  6. Fabulous skirt!! You have a beautiful family too. :)

  7. You and both of your girls are so lovely its ridiculous!! I love how everyone slightly coordinates :)

    Stopping by via No Model Lady!


  8. Love that skirt! So sweet:) Your adorable kids are pretty sweet too, although call me crazy but you do not look old enough to have a teen/tween daughter!

  9. I LOVE that skirt, it's so beautiful! Your girls are gorgeous!

  10. All three of you are just adorable as always. I am so with you summer is going by way to fast!

  11. Your babes are gorgeous! As are you beauty! xox!

  12. Wonderful choices for the much more bearable weather we have been receiving. I'm so happy for the cooler temps and much needed rain for the gardens.

    Those ruffles are too adorable!! All three look fabulous ... loving that skirt!! Happy Thursday..xo HHL

  13. love that you include your daughters in the post..what a fun activity it must be!!!

  14. WHAT? You have a tween daughter?!?! For realz (not for sucking up purposes) you look like the big sister, not the mama. So you go girl!! LoL Beautiful ladies all of ya!


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