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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just a girl. And her swing set.

When we moved from our last home to our present one, we contemplated at length whether to move our backyard swing set with us.
The Original Baby Girl had already outgrown it.
And The King had maybe another good year to enjoy it before he too would just be "too big".
It was a little worse for wear.
And needed to be painted desperately.
Was there even room for it?

For some reason, we brought it along.
And there it sat in our yard, begging to be used.
The kids had an occasional swing. (and almost pulled the posts OUT of the ground on numerous occasions)
But for the most part, it was just there.

And then this happened.
We were blessed with someone new to love that old swing set.

(Dear God. Thank you for my swing set.)

Floral T-shirt - Christian Lacroix Junior | Skirt - Original Marines | Kicks - Dr. Suess by Converse

She rocked our world.
It is only fitting that she rocks that old swing set.


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  2. So cute! Swingsets are the best.

  3. Awwww - so sweet and those curls! I also have an unexpected gift that just turned 3 years old. She is my "menopausal" baby. Yes it DOES happen! lol
    hopping over and following too from the hop. Have a lovely evening.


  4. yes the swings both a blessing and a cursing in our house...lol...we spell out the word s-w-i-n-g

  5. omg, her curls! she has the same curls as my son, lol...so cute!!

    thanks so much for stopping by [oomph.]

  6. I love your blog! Your daughter is adorable! Look at those curls! OMG!
    Newest follower from the blog hop, come visit me to say hi!
    ♡ Kyna

  7. She is absolutely adorable and I am sure you are enjoying every moment out of that. Very nice blog.
    Bushra Syed from VB.
    Let's follow each other and stay connected forever.

  8. Oh my goodness..what a sweet post! And your little girl is SO cute!

  9. Those pictures are priceless!!

  10. I love the sweetness of your little girl. We left our swing set behind when we moved. Our girls are now begging us for another. Wish we would have kept our old one. Memories.

  11. Stopping by from Bees With Honey. Absolutely adorable. Well worth the disassembling and reassembling if you ask me. Love your blog will be back!

  12. New GFC follower-kport207 from the hop. Would love for you to come visit my blog and follow in return.


    Thanks :)

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