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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What that baby Wore : Zara Kids

Little miss finally decided it was ok to wear white. 
And touch the grass with her bare feet.
Blouse + pants - Zara Kids
Hair clip - LV inspired

The hair clip was salvaged from The Original BabyGirl.
We'll call it vintage. 
Because we can.


  1. Love the necklace - and the "vintage" clip:) Glad you got the chance to get fancy!

  2. I love Ava's hand gesture in the first photo...such a girly girl and so cute!

  3. Awhh ~ you are both too cute ;.)

    I am a new gfc follower from VoiceBoks

    Hope you can stop by and visit me at ~Mommy's Moments~ {{a review & giveaway blog}}



  4. I like your outfit... not to dressy, not to casual! Perfect. Your little girl is absolutely adorable! :)

  5. very cute Ms Ava, and of course RHW of Woodbridge.. very classy

  6. OK, I love the necklace! Where can I get one? Is it expensive? You look like a model in that outfit! I used to always dress fashionably, but got away from it for awhile during my journey with my little ones (one of them chronically ill -- but getting better now). As our journey brightens, I've come back around to wanting to (at least try) to look stylish, but I don't want to spend lots of money. I find these things just go out of fashion so quickly. That necklace seems like it will go on forever with the trends and styles!

    Samantha from vB

  7. I love your outfit, all of it. Very chic. Your baby girl is so adorable, she looks like a little angel. A fashionable one too, lol.

  8. Okay...Little Miss is just to cute to be believed and I am TOTALLY JEALOUS about those capri's and sandals. I want some!!!!!

    Hopping over from voiceBoks.cok

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by. You and your beautiful girl are looking fantastic! :-) Love love!!!!


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