Ava Grace's Closet: A Baby Story
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Baby Story

Our little miss is 14 months old. As of Sunday. It's funny how for the first couple of years every month is a milestone. 
In our house, every 22nd of the month is her "birthday". 
It's also funny how the older you get the more you want to forget it's your birthday. 

Sometimes we still can't believe we had another baby. Three kids.
We never planned on a third. But between you and me, I never really felt "done".
I'm not the type of woman who is envious of other women's clothes, shoes (maybe a little) or what have you; but see a pregnant woman...and I was all in.
Relatively odd since my pregnancies are a bit of a nightmare.
Nausea. Non-stop. Diclectin. Non-stop. 

Let me take you back to the summer before last. 
Our yearly trip to Florida. And the monthly gift that had yet to arrive.
I waited.
And waited.
And finally bought a pregnancy test. Or two.
I peed.
And waited for the results.
It was very faint but it was definitely there. 
My husband didn't believe me. (or didn't want to)
So I peed again.
And there it was. Faint. But definitely there.
I threw up. Once. 
I drank only virgin margaritas. Just in case.

The vacation ended.
We came home.
I threw up. Again.
Dr's visit. Stat. Said monthly gift had yet to arrive.
She told me that because of the "faint" results, chances were low I was pregnant. 
She was wrong. 
As evidenced by...
Ultrasound. Stat.
The ultrasound technician had no idea I had been told the chances that I was actually pregnant "were slim".
She was all "and there's your baby!!". Big smile.
I must have been in shock because all I could do was laugh. A tad hysterically maybe.

And so it went.
And our sweet baby girl joined our family.
I am not a religious person. But I truly believe she was a gift from God.
And meant to complete our family.
After all, I wasn't done.
But I am now.


  1. My third was very similar!! I thought I was in early menapause! Especially since my first two cildren were miracles in their own right and aided with the help of a fertility doctor! I laughed hystercially too! Best surprise of our lives! He just turned 6 this April and I could not imagine my life without him! Happy 14 month birthday! It does go so fast doesn't it!

  2. Three kids, what a blessing! :) Thanks for stopping by, glad to be your newest follower. Lindy

  3. I have found my long lost sister! I can't believe how much we are alike. I love all things Madonna (saw her twice in concert-amazing), had my baby at 39, love the beach, fashion, coffee and naps! Maybe it's the Canadian thing.

  4. Your blog is freakin adorable! I love it! Thanks so much for finding me! I'm definitely following back!

  5. Love hearing about and re-living the "I can't believe I'm pregnant" moments. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Awww! I love that story. I'm sure she was a gift from God. All babies are! I know the feeling about not being done. Unfortunately my husband had the operation a couple years ago. I wanted 3 so bad, but he didn't. I cried and cried the week of his operation and was trying to figure out how to "sneak" one last little chance in. Alas, it did not happen! I was blessed with 2 wonderful kids though, one boy and one girl, so I'm happy.

  7. Awesome story! I'm so glad that beautiful little girl ended up in a family that loves her so much!

  8. I love this post! Our third was a huge shock. We found out 7 months after having our second son. Yikes! Your little girl is too precious.

  9. Love this story! And it's the same at our house on the 16th of every month. First thing in the morning, I wish Paityn a happy birthday! I wonder when that ends...
    Thanks for the follow!

  10. Dearest Susan,
    Quite a story and what a blessing in the end. Oh, morning sickness I've suffered for years because of my kidney damage (for taking Prednisone and Atelvia...). BUT while on vacation in Curaçao, I figured out that eating an early morning (3 or 4 AM) snack did cure my nausea. From Costco we also get B12 vitamins that I have been taking and my constant Anemia went away. You are so lucky with your three precious and above all; healthy kids. That's a treasure!
    My family came as an instant family but I would have loved to have some kids of my own... plural that is for sure.


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