Ava Grace's Closet: The King's Birthday Celebration
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Monday, April 18, 2011

The King's Birthday Celebration

Happy Monday! 

I promised pics from The King's recent 9th birthday party and then, sadly, realized I had so few. Boys are funny that way. 
Every picture I was able to take has one (or more) boys making a goofy face. 
In many cases, it is my boy who is making the silliest face of all. 
As evidenced by...

As they get older, I find the whole birthday party thing becomes more and more challenging. Especially for the boys. 
This time around, he chose 3 friends and wanted to see the movie "HOP".
Sounded simple enough. 
But could I just leave it alone? Not so much.
First, the egg hunt...

The boys arrived and each got their own "hunting bag" and instructions telling them how many and what color eggs they were looking for. 
They went CRAZY. 
Sweating even. 
And ofcourse, none of my treats would fit into those damn plastic eggs so turns out, they got more than they bargained for. 

Who would have thought this would be such a hit?
 Lesson 1 learned. The simple things are always the most fun.

Next, the movies...hubby ended up taking them. 
He said it was a nightmare. 
I believe him.

They were on what I can only assume is a junk food high when they arrived back at the house. So naturally, we sent them outside. We are smart people.
Dollarama bubbles. LOVE. 
Lesson 2 learned. Sometimes the simplest toys are the best ones.
And lastly, CAKE!!! (I did try to feed them btw. They weren't having any of it. Please note junk food high above)
Sonia at www.cakesbysonia.com worked her magic for me again with this cutie pie cake. With room for 9 single candles at the birthday boy's request. 

Final lesson learned, all the best days end sweetly.
Huge hugs before bed. "BEST DAY EVER MOM" said my boy.
Mission accomplished.


  1. I feel like I'm looking into the future when I see a nine year old boy's birthday party!

    I'm also going back to work in September, so I feel your pain!

    Thanks for the message.

  2. Boys are sooo funny :) I LOVE the pictures and your blog.

    I'm following.



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