Ava Grace's Closet: Happy "First" Easter
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy "First" Easter

It was Ms Ava's first "real" Easter
Last year, she was just a few weeks old and sadly, neither of us remember a thing. 
Me because of my sleep-deprived blur, her because...well...just because. 

Dressing her up is always a highlight. 
This time around, the dress lasted maybe 30 minutes. 
Every time she tried to crawl she looked at me with that "are you kidding me with this dress?!" face. 
Here is my feeble attempt at a "with stuffed bunny" pose.

I must say, I have a whole new appreciation for child/baby photographers. 
Seriously. It is next to impossible to get a good shot, especially at this age where all they want to do is explore. 
Our entire family looks (and sounds!) like a bunch of crazy people just trying to keep her sitting and smiling. 
Lucky she's so damn cute you can excuse my lack of photographic skill...

She was the star of the day. 
Cautious first steps in fancy party dress = CUTEST.THING.EVER

While we're on the subject of cute, if you had an opportunity to check out Friday's post, (see it here) perhaps I should have mentioned that Baby S and Baby A are "featured babies" and not mine. 
Adorable as they are and all...


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  2. Wow...Nice pictures...Your daughter is really really cute and i love the dress....Nice post...Cheers, Rukz <3

  3. Found Ya!
    And o my gosh you girl has such lovely hair!!!

    Thanks for coming over to my blog!

  4. Awe your daughter is sooo cute. I wish I had a little girl to put cute dresses on. Instead I got boys. :( Anyways I found you on Bloggy moms. Please stop by and check out my blog sometime. http://imjustagirl86.blogspot.com/


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