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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I Wore : From Where I Stand

 Not all outfit photos are built the same.
Sometimes, a little change in perspective is all you need to get inspired.
and to get a better look at your shoes.

red loafers - J. Crew {last seasons} love these
leopard print loafers - Steve Madden {this season's version}
b + w ballet flats - Pretty Ballerinas
black strappy sandals - ASOS
cream runners - Converse
bowed pumps - Nine West {no longer available} option
beige flats - Tory Burch
blue suede shoes - Truth or Dare {no longer available} option

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Happy Wednesday.
here's hoping it's not - i.cant.even.say.it with the windchill for much longer

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  1. An interesting perspective, Susan and such lovely feet and shoes. I notice feet these days since I'm still recovering from major foot surgery and feel I may never wear pretty shoes again.

  2. You have an amazing shoe collection! I'm loving those leopard flats with the tassel!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Oh, I Iove this:) What great shoe inspiration. So cute! The blue heels are beautiful!


  4. Love the flats!! I wear em and I just love seeing stylish women like yourself in flats. I love the ones you showed, esecially the red pair!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

  5. *SMILING* ... nothing like shoes (or photos of shoes) to remind us that warmer temps are around the corner...Thanks for the shoe-eye candy. Hope you are staying warm... Come to city let's do Nespresso!!!! hugs, Celia M. (HHL)

  6. great collection of shoes you got there!!

  7. Dearest Susan,
    Fun way to play with different shoes! Love the sandal wearing season.


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