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Thursday, February 19, 2015

What Ava Wore : Reality Check

In case you hadn't noticed, I take a lot of photos of Ava. 
For the most part, I have to say, she is a pretty good sport.
So sometimes, I let her loose.
The result is reality.
The very best kind.

sweatshirt - Gap Kids {on sale!}
distressed skinnies - Gap Kids {on sale!}
And by the very best kind, I mean lots of jump shots + double peace signs.
Also, both Isabella and I have decided we want Ava's jeans, for us. 

U.S. friends - Gap Kids is an extra 40% off all sale right now. 
I've chosen a few of my favourite items below. 


  1. Thanks for the mid morning smile .... Ava you are just too adorable!!!! Love the photo of her with peace sign and duck lips!!! from all the photos looks like it was a fabulous time for all ... and those jeans really rock...

  2. Dearest Susan,
    Ava is a cute little girl but I also notice how fast she is growing...


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