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Friday, May 19, 2017

What Ava Wore: Je L'aime Paris

I have a secret.
I've never actually been to Paris.
But I already know that I love it.
Ava feels the same.

"Paris" dress - c/o Limeapple | denim jacket {not current} - Gap Kids {option} | sneakers - Gap Kids
 The "Paris" dress by Limeapple has quickly become a favourite - cute and oh.so comfortable.
Simple dressing, even for the littles, has a certain je ne sais quoi.
Add a pair of slip-on sneakers and the perfect little denim jacket and you are ready for a day of exploring and balloon chasing.
Sadly, not in Paris...yet.

Happy Thursday.

Monday, May 15, 2017

On Mother's Day : Things My Mama Taught Me

 My mother was the original fashionista in our family.
Her closet is still a virtual who's who of now vintage fashion - and lucky for me, she passed on her knowledge {and love!} of the subject early on.

An immigrant from Croatia - they started their journey towards Canada via Germany.
My mother tells me she would spend countless hours window shopping in the streets of Germany; wishing she could afford to buy herself something. Anything.
But money those days was scarce.
My brother remained in the homeland so dollars were saved and sent - anything extra was put away to ensure they could visit him as often as possible.
A sacrifice towards what would eventually be a better life for them and for him.

Years later, when they were already settled in Toronto, she could finally afford a little luxury.
And by luxury, I mean a little something for herself here and there.
This usually meant a piece from Holt Renfrew - likely on sale - but still, at the time, the most expensive store in the mall.
Likewise, she always dressed my brother and I in the best of everything - to her, quality equated value. 
And for herself, the same rang true.
She didn't have a lot but what she had was always the best she could afford.

My mother taught me that fashion would always come back around.
And thankfully, she kept those pieces she knew would make a comeback.
That quality always prevailed over quantity. 
No fast fashion for her.
That if you were going to buy something - let it be something of substance.
Or don't buy it at all.
And opinionated? Wow. Is Was she ever.

Here are a few additional thoughts from The Book Of  Mama Milka, in no particular order:
 Long hair has no place on a woman once she reaches middle age.
Ditto for red lipstick and long nails.
The kitten heel will always prevail. Stilettos always did and always will get her talking.
If you are going to have a face lift, don't forget about your neck.
Your hands? They will always tell your age.
Show off as much skin as you want in your youth. THAT is your time.

oh, mama.
You were almost always right.
i love you.

PS - I am really excited about these photos as I found photographs of my mother and I together very scarce.
I'm committing to taking more.
Note: the dress she is wearing is over 50 years old. Also note, I took it home.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What I Wore : Grey on Grey

Lately, the days have been mostly grey.
Leading me to dress in well, mostly grey.
Spring hasn't quite sprung yet so until then, I'll enjoy easy pieces from LNBF's new collection.
Albeit, they'll be grey. 

"Addelyn" Vest - c/o LNBF | "Suri" Leggings - c/o LNBF | booties - Kendall & Kylie | knapsack - Soprano Handbags
There's just something about cozy comfort when it's damp, n'est pas?
Check out the entire Spring/Summer LNBF collection here - and if you're in the market for new basic leggings? The most comfortable pair I've ever worn - and they wash like a dream.

Happy Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What I Wore : True Blue

Is there anything better than the perfect little cardigan?
Here in Toronto, I find mornings are still super chilly but by late afternoon, the layers are no longer required.
This spanish-tile printed, lightweight cardigan gives just the right amount of warmth allowing you to keep it on over your tank since Lord knows, no one wants to be wearing that piece solo.

bodysuit:  Aritzia | cardigan:c/o Foxcroft  | trousers: c/o Foxcroft | necklace: c/o White House Black Market  | handbag: Furla  | shoes: Sam Edelman
Don't even get me started on these trousers.
Tencel fabric is SO where it's at.
Note: I recommend a size down as these are generous!

Use code FXSOCIAL to save 15% off your purchase.
Happy Wednesday indeed.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What I Wore : The Perfect White Tunic

If you're like me, then you are forever on the hunt for the perfect white blouse.
The one that fits just so and is long enough to cover slim-fit pants?
I may have found it.
In fact, it may not have been a blouse I was looking for all along - but rather, a tunic.
Longer length. But still a crisp, tailored fit.

The "Poppy" by Foxcroft is not only the perfect length, but the detail just makes even a basic pair of black leather leggings prettier.
And these days, I am all about pretty.

tunic - c/o Foxcroft | leggings | jacket | ballet flats
Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What Ava Wore : Easter Best

There are few things I enjoy more than dressing ms. Ava Grace.
Now, at 7, she still pretty much lets me choose what she'll wear although, I have to give her options.
On this Easter Sunday, I pulled three dresses - including this one.
She tried it on first, did a few twirls and was sold.

pintuck dress {not current - options} | easter basket
And really, does anything say easter like a little pintuck dress with sash?
I don't think so.

Hoping you + yours had a blessed holiday.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


If you follow us on instagram, you might have seen a sneak peek of this casual look and announcement of our joining the Brand Ambassador program with the LNBF (Leave Nothing But Footprints) brand.
A long-time favourite organic, ethically-conscious brand that we've featured numerous times over the past year. {see here + here}
Available on-line and often at The Shopping Channel; the line has become a mainstay in the Canadian marketplace.

The caftan dress pictured in moss green is part of their just-launched Spring collection.
It works equally well with black or denim and would transition so perfectly to the beach which is wear I plan on living in it this summer.
All of the pieces from the collection really MUST be touched for you to understand how incredible the fabric really is. 95% bamboo in this particular case - soft as silk.

"Hazel" Caftan Dress - c/o LNBF | denim jacket | clutch | necklace | lace up flats 
Looking forward to warmer temps and to sharing some more of the spring line with you in the coming weeks.
Can summer be far away?

Happy Thursday.

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