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Friday, December 14, 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Guide : Stocking Stuffers

I think stockings may be my very favourite part of all.
I love the creative element of choosing fun, inexpensive items that make Christmas morning all the more merry.
Here's a few of the things I'll be including this year -
1. I'm sure this little cutie is on every kid's wishlist this year. Ava currently has the monkey but is ALL about this perfectly pink unicorn. Fingerlings, $14.99

2. I love the packaging of these disc shaped soaps and the colours are so lovely - you almost want to eat them non? Bonus points for the slim rectangular box that would fit perfectly in my any stocking. Anthropologie, $26

3. I personally own the Luna Foreo and love this tool for getting ever last little bit of make up off at the end of the day. This less expensive, smaller version is a perfect first sonic device
if you've never tried one. Luna Play Plus$59

4. If I had a dollar for everytime I'm searching for a bobby pin or hair tie; I would be a very rich woman. This box by Pretty Useful Tools {on sale!} is perfection $17.50

5. This sweet little hair clip by Lucky Juju is just too sweet. Plus it reminds me of my friend Valerie's little Juju - who isn't so little anymore. $8

6. Every good instagrammer needs a selfie light, am I right? Chapter's Indigo might just make the very best, most perfectly boxed assortment of stocking stuffers out there. If you're local, definitely check them out. Pssst - they're all 30% off right now. $14

7. NO stocking is complete without candy and these new giftable bento boxes by Sugarfina are clever and delicious. This is "you had me at tequila" and would be perfect for the man in your life. $39

Happy Stuffing!

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Friday, December 7, 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Guide : For The Littles

Christmas really is all about the littles.
Watching my own children's eyes light up on Christmas Eve - barely able to make it through dinner because of the pure excitement of what's to come - this is what it's all about.
As they get older, I try to hold onto tradition.
Chocolate advent calendars.
Pajamas always.
Plus a few other ideas I might have up my sleeve.

1. Tell me this is not the cutest little thing you ever saw? TELL ME. Ava and I attended a super fun media preview last month and she was nothing shy of enamored with these little bundles of light aptly called Sunny Bunnies (ps - this is Iris).
Yes, she bounces AND she light ups. Available exclusively at Walmart. $9.94

2. I couldn't resist including the coziest slippers ever by Ugg on this list and if yours is like mine, she loves herself some cozy. This shade is perfect for the little girl in your life although they're equally adorable in the tried and true Ugg beige. $59.95

3. I'm all about robes at Christmastime and this one by Tucker + Tate SO fits the bill. What little boy wouldn't want to look like a snowman this season? Exactly, none. Also available in the cutest unicorn version. $45

4. For the little footballer on your list, this ball by Tangle might just be the coolest thing I saw this year. The more you throw or kick it, the brighter it glows. Bedtime may never be the same. $24.99

5. When I was a kid, I always wanted a sleeping bag. The problem you see, is we never went camping. Plus, I'm not sure my mother even knew what a sleeping bag was - bless her heart. These are available at FAO Schwarz (now at The Bay!!)  and I thing the boy and girl versions are both equally fabulous, n'est pas? $85

6. Another fun new toy of 2018 (we saw it, we tried it) is Tic Tac Tongue by Yulu. With masks that had us looking like we had lizard tongues, laughs were had all around. Board games always have a way of bringing the entire family together. $14

7. This might be the most annoying toy I'll buy this Christmas but that won't stop this girl. Each of my kiddos had one and loved it. Ava will be no exception, of that I am sure. FAO Schwarz, $14

Just call me Clause.
Ms. Clause.

Friday, November 30, 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Guide : For Him

I like to think I'm a pretty good gift-giver.
Mostly, I try to buy things people might love to have, but never think to buy for themselves.
These are often the best kind of gifts, n'est pas?
I think men are the all-around easiest to treat.
Because let's face it, not many of them are going shopping for themselves anytime soon - which leaves you with well, endless possibilities.

Here are just a few ideas for the special men in your life -

1. I ask you, who doesn't love a good cashmere sweater? This one gets bonus points for
 two reasons.
1. The waffle weave (love, love) and 2. I could totally steal it. (you know you were thinking it!)
At Nordstrom. $179

2. Here's something - If I were a boy? I would wear Chelsea Boots every.single.day - I love the colour of these by Rail. And the price is right. $99

3. Most of the men I know don't really care for jewellery. That said, I think just about all them might give this multi-wrap leather bracelet by Miansai a go.
 Decidedly masculine and super on-trend right now. $95

4. If he doesn't have this already, chances are he wants it. It's voice-activated which means he won't even have to get up from the couch. #winning Google Home, $129

5. I love the story behind the Jack Mason brand {read it here if you're so inclined}almost as much as I love the design of their watches.
I really like a chrono, larger face, big side buttons and a solid leather strap. This one checks off all the boxes and looks much pricier than it is. And, it's on sale. $165

6. Truth here is, I just really love this bottle. And can you ever go wrong with fragrance? I say nay.
Grey by Dolce & Gabbana, $80

PS - I didn't include above but if you are on the hunt for pj's, robes and comfy slippers, definitely check out the entire new UGG Shop. Think everything feels like your UGG boots feel = best.thing.ever

Happy Shopping

Friday, November 23, 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Guide : My Wishlist

I can't believe Christmas is just over a month away.
It seems like as soon as Halloween is over - boom, it's Christmas.
Maybe because it got so cold in Toronto so quickly.
Maybe it's the bit of snow we wake up to almost every morning.
But I am SO feeling in the spirit this year.
In fact, I may or may not have just brought up the tree.

Here are a few of the things on my neverending list - although I'll likely be giving more than receiving.
And that's just fine by me.

1. This beauty has been on my radar for a while. The price tag is steep - and reviews are mixed but I'm still all about this Dyson hairdryer. Because, no one has time for an hour each time she washes her hair. Least of all me. $499

2. My dad and I recently found a box of my old records. I must say, it was like taking a trip down memory lane. I might like this to give them a listen again on this Crosley portable turntable. And this colour is too much fun. $82

3. Ah, the elusive Michele Sport Watch. I own one already but really like this more casual version - swiss-made and I love the square face. Also, #navyforthewin $395

4. So, this will likely never be mine. Mostly because it is a ridiculously crazy amount of money to spend on perfume. I was in Holt's last year and got a couple of samples of Ex Nihilo's Fleur Narcotique - still savouring every last delicious drop. $325

5. Oh, Aesop body cream. Hand lotion. Aesop, anything. $32

6. Tell me these aren't the cutest thing you've ever seen? I love a clean white sneaker and these by Comme des Garcons Play x Converse are no exception. Perfect for warmer days ahead - if they ever come back. $135

Lots more gift guides coming your way right through to the big day.
Although, if you're like me, everything you could possibly want doesn't come from a store.
Feeling blessed, staying present and doing my best to remember the reason for the season.


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Dear Julian : On Being Sixteen

 Dear Julian,
I'm not sure what I was so busy doing in early April but I realized that I missed my favourite thing to do for you - write your annual birthday letter.
Today, I looked at last year's letter - and was so shocked to see how many had stopped in to read.
It was then I realized I hadn't written this years.
So here it is.

I know it may seem silly to you that I write you and your sister's a letter every year but I this I know for sure.
1. When I ask you to read yours (which I will do tonight) - you pretend that you don't like it but I know that you secretly do.
And 2. One day, perhaps when I am long gone, or when you have a family of your own - you might, YOU JUST MIGHT, look back at these letters and if I'm very lucky? They may touch you just a little bit.

You are 16.
You aren't ready to drive just yet. Even though I push to you to get your learner's permit. Mostly because I think it well have you feeling accomplished. 
Your anxiety gets the best of you sometimes but I promise you my sweet boy, that stuff gets much better when YOU are in control.
Do you remember when I suffered so much and would often take the wheel from your dad? Somehow, I felt better when I knew fate was in my own hands.
{now...if we could just do the same thing on an airplane!} 
School has been going much better this year - I know you would still rather be anywhere but there but still, you go. 
You say you're doing it for me. I'll take that.
But really, you are doing it for you.

You still hate to shower.
Hate wearing socks.
Hate anything green.
And have less than zero patience.
You still love playing video games.
Eating nachos.
Listening to the hardest rap imaginable.
And making your little sister crazy.

I still love you most of all.
And I still kiss you every morning when you pretend to be are asleep.
I can still bring myself to tears when I think about how much I love you.
And I still think you are the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on.
My Julian.
You will do great things one day - of that I am sure.
You just might kill me in the process. #lesigh

Love you beautiful boy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


My beautiful Izzy,
I could stare at this photograph all day long.
To me, it represents exactly how I see you - such innocence with just the slightest hint of mischief.

Today is your twentieth birthday.
I can hardly believe it.
Yesterday I told you it was your very last day being a teenager.
You laughed.
But you see, it's true. You will never be as young as you were yesterday {or today} ever again.
Cherish that youth.
Do all that you want to do.
Live with no regrets. 
And remember my beautiful girl, everything - good or bad - is temporary.

I remember when you were 15. 16. 17.
You thought I was so hard on you.
Never letting you go to parties - imposing a pretty early curfew by your {ahem} friends standards.
I was always extra worried it's true.
Trying to protect you from danger but also, trying to ensure that you did things at the right time.
When I believed you were old enough to handle it.
And that you would not regret it later when the time was indeed "right" and you had already exhausted all that fun.
You brought it up recently and told me I wasn't wrong in doing so. That you saw that now.
Saw yourself how quickly young kids grow up.
And how fleeting childhood really is.
I'm so glad for that. 

Today my love - today, you are officially an adult.
And I think if I asked you if it was different than you imagined - wishing back then so desperately to grow up - today, you would say yes.
You might even wish for the days of no responsibility.
When your biggest worry was where to have your next birthday party.
Lord knows I do.
You have your entire life ahead of you - some of the best years of that life still to come.
The chance to follow your dreams. Love who you want. And be whoever it is that you want to be.
 I will encourage you always.
And will be there to catch you when you fall.

A mother's love is like no other.
You have learned this I believe - especially in the last few years.
I may get frustrated - I may say things you don't want to hear - I may even do things you will never understand.
But never, NEVER does it mean that I love you less.
The most important job I have? 
Is the job of being your mother.
And when I look at you? 
I think my work is done.
I love you my sweet girl.
Happiest of Birthdays to you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Keeping Active with Koral

These days, being a single mom of three, is making working out in a gym next to impossible.
So often times, or when I'm not being lazy, ms. Ava Grace and I take it outside -
She's just learned to ride a two-wheeler (!!) so she's been riding while I run alongside her or else we'll just walk the local neighbourhood.
Over the summer months, I feel like we've all but stopped this routine so we're both pretty pumped about starting it up again now that the weather is cooling down.
She keeps me honest {read: she forces me to go} on days when I really don't feel like it. Truth be told though, don't we always feel so much better once we do get out??

Koral Activewear sent along these ah-mazing leggings made out of their signature form-fitting infinity fabric that fits {quite literally} like a second skin.
With a fun logo'd waist, they easily made the transition from workout to an afternoon of lunch and running errands with the addition of a soft, lightweight denim shirt.
SO all about multi-functional clothing these days.


baseball cap - Lululemon | tank - Gap | leggings - "Aden" c/o Koral Activewear | trainers - New Balance

If you're like me, I always feel better being active when I feel I look good and let me tell you, these leggings hide a multitude of sins.
Available in a range of colours and prints, with free shipping and returns to the U.S., this line is a winner.
Sign up for their newsletter HERE to save 15% off your purchase.

Happy Wednesday friends.

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