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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I Wore : The Varsity Jacket

I bought this jacket for Isabella and although she was super-excited when she got it {as she is with everything, ahem} she has barely worn it. Silly girl.
So, I did the only logical thing and started to wear it for running errands. It's light-weight but surprisingly warm since it is a wool flannel fabric.

Turtleneck - The Gap | Necklace - Forever XXI | Varsity Jacket - Forever XXI (no longer available similar here)
Pants - Winners | Handbag - Tory Burch 

And that's what I'm stealing from my kid wearing on Wednesday.

Happy Halloween. 


  1. Love the combination! Looks comfy too!! ... LOVE! LOVE! that bow necklace. hugs, C. (HHL)

  2. Great fall look Susan, and super cute jacket!
    xo K

  3. Dearest Susan,

    She might want to get it back in a hurry, reading here how great it looks. Silly girl... and as you said it is amazingly warm as well. She would fit into it great. Who knows?!
    Hugs to you,

  4. Her loss is your gain! Plus, you DID buy it for her, so it's totally not stealing...

  5. That jacket is great! She'll want it back when she sees how awesome it looks on you! N

  6. Usually I hear about girls stealing clothes from their mom. You're starting a new trend. Look at you trendsetter!

  7. one day, i hope to look somewhat decent when i steal... er, borrow my daughter's outfits. dang, susan, you look good! :) (don't let her see how good you look in it... might not let you "borrow" it again! ;)

  8. i just bought my daughter a few things for her bday that she didn't like...so she said i could have them. it wasn't planned that way...REALLY!

    love the mix of neutrals!


  9. Fabulous! this fashion jacket and boots are very attractive, i really appreciate your style i love it


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