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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What to get Him

So, it's my 15th (fifteenth!!??) wedding anniversary in just a few weeks and I am struggling with what to get my husband. First off, I find it strange to be buying him a gift with his money now that I'm home. Is that weird? Tell me I'm not being weird. 
And secondly, I would like it to be meaningful but something that he will actually wear.use.enjoy.
Maybe you can help me decide? 
And btw, I've told him NOT to read today and in the spirit of this, added a few extras onto the list to throw him off just in case. 

For my Love

1. This amazing "escargot" wine decanter by Riedel. 15 years is crystal so this could be great since really, I don't like anything else that's crystal. And, it would get plenty of use. 

2. A good quality sweater. Maybe a nice shirt to go with it. I like this one for 2 reasons. One, because of the skull print, which makes it fun and current. And two, it's navy and not black. I love me some navy and so does my husband. 

3. I am sure this is yummy. I bought him the other Tom Ford fragrance for Christmas and we he loves it. A tad pricey but so worth it. The bottles alone make for such a nice addition to your bathroom.

4. A watch. OK, if I had an unlimited budget, I might buy my F1 fan this. But, since I don't, I think he might like a really good running watch. I have heard the Garmin ones are the best from this gal. And she knows her stuff when it comes to running.

5. Tickets to see The Tenors {who are fabulous and canadian}. Now, this could be fun since we would have to go to Windsor to see them which would mean an overnight stay at Caesar's and possibly a chance to squeeze in a visit with this girl. That said, it's a 4 hour+ drive each way. Le sigh. 

6. I am really leaning towards a leather bracelet and this one is my fave so far. These are all the rage these days and I think he might actually wear it even though he doesn't wear much jewelry other than a watch. Which he loves to collect. See #4. 

7. How neat is this personalized watch box/holder? He doesn't have one and right now, his watches are taking up very valuable space in my jewelry drawer. This could be a win/win now that I think about it. 

Your thoughts? And please, if you have a completely different idea...share! 

You can also find me at Renee's Joy Journey today sharing my fall/winter must-haves. 


  1. I'm horrible at gift giving, but I love your ideas. I got my DH a watch he had been wanting forever but never wanted to buy for himself.

  2. Good Morning Bella... Hmmm crystal , how about a crystal frame with a photo of you and the children for his office. And the leather bracelet is fabulous and fashionable. As for feeling weird, remember you are still a working woman - who cleans, chauffeurs the children, does laundry,cooks, keeps a peaceful home, and most importantly bakes the most scrumptious pumpkin loaf (I have tasted!!)... so you are still contributing and thus it has a value. :) ...xo Wishing you a wonderful day... C. (HHL)

  3. Great gift ideas, I suck at gift giving with my husband, he just is so hard to buy for. And no don't feel weird about the money thing - I felt/feel the same way after leaving my job.

  4. My husband is impossible to buy for - he buys things as he wants/needs them, and he's not really into gift giving the way I am. And yes, it's odd to pay for something when I earn nothing!:)

  5. we never buy anniversary gifts...a little sad , but we made that a rule ... we take what we would have spent and put it towards our date day... which
    basically involves food all day long :)

    i love the concert idea!

    or the idea of somwthing he want but would never buy ...

    it is a shame he doesn't blog have a pinterest board lol

  6. * something he would want but would never buy :)

  7. hey thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
    As for the present for your hubby...gosh, I don't know. I'm pretty hopeless at buying presents for men. For example, I like to buy my husband stuff he can wear, but really he's into mountain biking and football and not at all into clothes so....I'm always at the loss.

  8. I think they all look pretty cool but I'd go with the tickets to see the Tenors plus dinner ... what a wonderful evening that would be!

  9. 15 years that is awesome!! i love the ideas you have your husband for your anniversary and unless your man is a present-type of person, im sure he will just be grateful for 15 years of marriage with you!

  10. Congrats on 15 years!! Love it! Your gift list to your husband is so different than what I would give mine.

  11. love the sweater, congrats on 15! I find it weird in the past too..eh, oh well..
    Xo Megan

  12. i've come to learn that (most) men are practical beings...and most of these are things that he could use daily - the watch, fragrance, watch box. but i think the skull sweater is very now and very fun, especially if he'll be walking around with a fashionista like yourself!


  13. Oh yay! I'm so glad that you did the man outfit. My husband is anti-shopping so it's all up to me.
    Happy anniversary!!!! xo

  14. i feel the same way about the money thing... thought it was just me being weird. glad you feel the same way. now i don't feel so weird. :)
    i like the watch... i'm practical. :)
    happy early anniversary. you must have gotten married when you were in middle school! :)


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