Ava Grace's Closet: What Ava Wore : Halloween
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

What Ava Wore : Halloween

Nothing Ava wore this week was as sweet as her little Minnie Mouse costume.
I admit, I have been semi-planning it since last year.
And she was even cuter than I envisioned.
Know that she wiped off her nose more times than I care to count.

We had a little bit of a black, red and white theme happening. 
Totally unintentional.
Big brother was an evil jester : first time he's ever been anything "scary". I already miss the days of Winnie the Pooh and Woody. 
Big sister was a little devil. You can't see it in these photos but she had a long red tail attached to her tutu. Ava kept grabbing at it and making monkey sounds. tail = monkey.
Also hilarious. 

Hope you all had a safe, happy and dry Halloween!
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  1. they look awesome!!! hope you all had a great halloween!

  2. So fun! Hope you took in a great haul:)

  3. ava is the cutest mouse, ever! looks like all the kids had fun dressing up.

  4. Dearest Susan,
    That was a fun looking trio! Cute Ava, scary brother and devilish sister. How striking is the contrast of Ava's curly hair versus her sister's!
    Hugs to you,

  5. cute! I don't do scary lol the boy is scary! :)

    hope you guys had fun and you raided the candy basket last night ; )

  6. Looks like a fun time!! They all look adorable and J.'s costume is amazing. Know time for candy .... xo C. (HHL)

  7. Love their costumes! The unintentional red and black color theme was awesome as well...what were you wearing?

  8. I love the color theme and their costumes. You have such beautiful kids!

  9. Amazing, love that they all color coordinated by accident. Cutest Minnie Mouse ever!

  10. Oh they are all SOOOOO adorable!!!! Happy Family on Halloween!!!



  11. She is too sweet for words. Hope your Halloween was great!

  12. I hope you never get sick of me telling you how beautiful your kids are. Love that the costumes are color coordinated even if you didn't intend for them to be that way!

  13. Love the pics of the kids!!!! Yes Ava and Ginger would have been perfect together!!!!!

  14. Such an adorable family Susan, love it! Especially your little Minnie Mouse :)
    xo K

  15. So cute! My daughter was Minnie too and kept accidentally wiping her nose off. My kids also had the red and black theme going, my newborn was a ladybug.


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