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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Starting the New Year off right with HelloFresh

Come dinnertime each evening, especially in the winter, I feel as though I just don't have it in me.
Trying to be creative in the kitchen is tough enough with 3 picky eaters let alone having to do it after you've gotten up in the dark. 
Worked all day.
 And come home after dusk.

When our first Family Plan box from HelloFresh was delivered, and we were able to lift said box to the kitchen, I was intrigued.
Inside, we found 3 smaller boxes each containing all of the pre-measured, farm fresh ingredients necessary to create 3 different recipes. And I mean all of the ingredients.
From vegetables to all necessary spices and everything in between.
Where possible to maintain freshness, produce was ALREADY cut up including onions...yay! and ready for use. Garlic? Already cleaned and separated it's own little baggie.
One of the recipes called for honey - it came along in packages not unlike to-go ketchup. 
Underneath, in an ice-packed filled area, were any perishable items including chicken, steak and dairy products.

Ava and I decided to try the seared steak first as she and her brother are big red meat lovers.
I had to share a photo of the sustainable beef contained.
In my own mothers words, "so beautiful, you could practically eat it raw".
All recipes are low to moderate in difficulty - and very detailed.
Ava read the instructions aloud while I prepped the dish - reserving some of the steak minus all of the fixings in case anyone felt like being difficult on this particular evening. Ahem.

Not bad for this unseasoned chef, huh?
Honestly, I've learned to use items in combinations I would never have thought of including, a sour cream, lime juice and cilantro combination which makes THE most incredible fajita topping.
We loved the fact that there was little to no waste.

I shared my experience including a guided tour of a few of the boxes with my girlfriends all of whom thought the idea was absolutely brilliant! 
A fun way to break up the monotony of the same old, same old dinners.

Check out all of the details on how the program works here.
If you agree, I highly recommend giving HelloFresh a try - use code AVAGRACE60 to get $30 off each of your first 2 boxes.
Delivery is always free.

Happy Cooking! 


  1. We tried Hello Fresh for a couple months and really enjoyed the convenience of planned menus and ingredients on hand. Being just the two of us, it was not the most economical choice for long term, but it is such a great idea.

  2. intriguing concept. Gotta love the no thought behind dinner idea..

  3. Dearest Susan,
    Great photos and you whipped up a dinner plate that is fit for a food magazine.
    For anyone not having to stick to a strict diet, this will work out fine.
    Glad you enjoyed it.
    Sending you hugs,


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