Ava Grace's Closet: Is Instagram the new Blog?
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Is Instagram the new Blog?

I recently read some back and forth about whether or not instagram is replacing the conventional blog.
As someone who both blogs and shares photographs on instagram, I thought it was worth a debate - could still photos replace the written word?
I say no.
But in today's ridiculously crazy busy world, it seems many feel differently.
I see gals who have "made it big" on instagram alone - having never written a single blog post. That or they start out on instagram, gather followers and then start writing. 
Sloan's Ice Cream Parlour / Turnberry Isle / Toronto's waterfront / A Wedding Tablescape
While I shared the above photos on instagram - and yes, you can get a feel for the experience - I'm not sure that this alone could explain how amazing our stay at Turnberry Isle in Miami was. 
Or how much fun we had on our Florida vacation which included many a trip to Sloan's Ice Cream Parlour.
I still love reading stories of other people's lives, their families, their struggles, their recommendations.
But I must admit, when at a lack for time, I too struggle to keep up and comment as much as I would like to. I still try though - and my favourites remain.
pretty plaid / backyard pool days/ a polka dot swimsuit / Target does it again
baking salted butter cookies / a beautiful backyard bbq / the best herbed steak ever / a copycat Santa Fe salad
I do love looking at instagram photos of food. 
Now there, I think one peek is sometimes enough.
A recipe to follow on say a blog {!} would be even better - but I truly believe that food can be experienced this way. Or at least, the idea can be shared perfectly.

Fashion? Another strong case for instagram but honestly, are you shopping when you are looking at someone's feed? 
More often than not, I am not.
With Reward Style now offering the ability to shop directly from photos; it seems like everyone including me is jumping on the bandwagon.
I try to be careful.
I don't overshare. 
And I definitely do not link every.single.photograph.
Honestly, it's all too much and has even had me hesitating to "like" a photo for fear of getting an influx of emails following a scroll through my favourite instagrammer feeds.
favourite Euro trip purchase ballet flats / all black everything / fab red find at J. Crew / stripes + leopard
Here's what I hope.
I hope that my instagram feed provides some inspiration.
I hope it shows you how to put things together that you might not have thought of.
I hope it shows you how much I love my kiddos.
And how cute they're dressed.
I hope it shows you how much fun we are having and that sometimes, it makes you a little bit hungry.
And more often than that, I hope that it makes you smile.

But my blog?
It's staying. 
Hope you keep reading.


  1. Great topic !! I think many of us are feeling the pressure of social media and trying to keep up! I have recently joined the Instagram following and find it a great vehicle to show how I'm living my "High Heeled Life" ... a picture and a few words fill that objective. Looking back at blogging - it filled both an editorial and image sharing vehicle - now with Instagram there is an option to share just imgaes or use that platform to attract people back to read your editorial content. I agree with you Blogging is not going anywhere ... there are blogs I follow for their image rich (visual) appeal; others for the editorial they offer on topics I'm interested in; others offer a combination and open a new world to me or provide inspiration to new adventures - be it travel, fashion, wellness, home decor, life in general. I haven't blogged as much lately - but am looking forward to returning more regularly over the next couple of weeks - with more of an editorial feel about life and starting over... and using instagram to give a peek into how I'm doing it. As always I enjoy stopping by your corner of BlogLand - you are always inspiring on so many levels - especially fashion. Hugs and blessings, Celia M. (HHL)

    1. Thanks so much Celia! You are a constant source of support and inspiration in more ways than you know. And I agree - I hope blogs never go away.

  2. I am with you, while I love instagram, it is like my " preview" for the blog. and I can honestly say if you do not have a blog then I am not regularly checking your instagram, so for me they are heavily connected. Instagram is my billboard or ad space to hopefully interest you in checking out my blog.

    1. Love that you use instagram as a vehicle for your blog! Brilliant.

  3. I've heard the same thing but I need a little more convincing. I have to admit that people don't comment as much anymore but I see them on Instagram so not sure just yet. I love my little space in the blogosphere!

  4. I think keeping a blog is important. I work with a lot a brand and they still want a blog. I have a feeling that IG is going to change, then they'll be something else to switch too. My engagement is down on my blog but my IG is popping. I still like blogs... when I have time.

    1. Totally! All of the brands I work with as well - although I do admit, I have been promoting many via instagram -- a nice compliment to the blog post.

  5. I'm glad you're staying. :) I love IG too, but feel like it's too small of a snippet of what I want to share. And I'm super wary of linking for shopping on IG. I still struggle what the right call is on that one. But I love both your feed and your blog!

  6. Pictures on Instagram show one's passion and interests, but a blog shows one's heart. I too am glad you are staying. So am I!

    1. SO true! Love that. And I agree...I've got far too much to say to leave it to a photo alone! ;)

  7. Oh I hope you stay and I will definitely keep on reading, Susan!
    Blogging takes a huge amount of my time (as you know!) and sometimes (most of the time) I cannot keep up with posting too many additional photos on Instagram but do as much as I can... Aracely is right - there are less comments but overall they are more spread out accross IG, FB & Co.
    I quick "like" here, a "share" there or a "+" on Google...

    Have a nice week!
    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Thanks so much sweet Annette. It does take a lot of work doesn't it? I agree with both you and Aracely - comments are more spread out but interestingly, I find that many of my social media visitors HAVE read the blog post as well but may not comment. Food for thought!

  8. P.S. Your Instagram button right below your photo doesn't work...

  9. Preach it sister. I love insta but seriously so many of my favorite blogged have abandoned their blog and I really think you nailed it insta is the cause bc it is so easy to share. As you know I keep my insta private and don't allow people I don't know to follow me bc my feed is all photos of my kids...so I too here to stay in the bloggy world. :)


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