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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore : The Jean Jacket

The Jean Jacket. 
How I love thee.
Always have.
Ever since I was stopped on the subway at 13 and commended by a woman for daring to wear one with my all girls school uniform.
my how things have changed. and my, how I'm showing my age.

It still makes anything you pair with it even better.
Especially the perfect little black dress. 

Dress - Top Shop
Jean Jacket - H and M {current}
Clutch - Banana Republic
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelet - Trina Tarantino
Booties - Zara
And, better yet?
It still makes me feel like a little bit of a rebel.


  1. Gorgeous as always my friend! You're making me want to take out my jean jacket!

  2. LOVE this..this is really the perfect outfit! GREAT dress, and yes the denim jacket is always a chic way to dress down a look and those booties were the perfect choice momma!
    Sheree xxx

  3. Great look! ... I'll be making a visit to H&M next time I'm in WB or TO ...I have been thinking of adding a jean jacket to my wardrobe, and your post has inspired me to check out more... Happy rainy Wednesday ... xo Blessings, CM (HHL)

    P.S. stop by the blog if you have a chance ... doing my new look launch..xo

  4. I love it! I also love your Ombre Hair :)


  5. I love me some jean jacket too. Love, love your dress. the 2 paired perfectly.

  6. rock it out! oh and i need that clutch.

  7. That's a super cute outfit! You look gorgeous!!!



  8. I just love the manicure. You forgot to mention that.

  9. Yes! The most versatile thing in my closet. Too bad it's SNOWING here today and I can't wear mine. Blech.

  10. Hey, Missy Sassy!!! Love this...so edgy, get girly!! You nailed it! And I don't find out until Friday!!! I am DYING!!!

  11. Hi
    Lovely outfit. I had my eye on that dress for a while but chose another. But after seeing how nice it looks on you I'm thinking maybe I should have bought that one after all!

    Rachel x

  12. I have had a GAP jean jacket for years and I still love it.

  13. I'm loving everything about this look!

  14. Super cute! I think I could create that from my own closet! :)

  15. aren't denim jackets great! and i'm loving the bit of leopard!

    mobile morsels


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