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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Words Hurt : Put An End to Bullying

Friends who know me IRL know of my passion on this subject.
I am one of those mamas.
The lioness who will not tolerate her cubs being bothered in any way, shape or form. 
Mess with them and you've messed with the wrong mama.

You see, I was bullied as a young girl.
5th grade to be exact.
Two of my then "best friends", a silly card game that went wrong...my life became a bit of a nightmare. 
They started to ignore me at school.
And then the taunting began. Telling me they would be waiting for me.
Were going to kill me. All kinds of pleasant stuff.
I remember how afraid I was. 
I actually made myself physically sick. 

For days on end I would tell my mother that I had a bad stomach and couldn't go to school.
She believed me in the beginning.
But then, when it continued to happen and no doctor could find anything wrong, she began to wonder what was really going on. 
We ended up at the leading children's hospital in Toronto.
And I ended up in front of a children's psychiatrist. 
I finally confessed.
I only remember bits and parts of that day. 
But the next day? That day I will never forget.

My mother, an immigrant with very poor english, marched me to school that morning.
She spoke to the principal and pulled me out that SAME day. 
And then, what she did next? Well, let's just say we would be in a lot of trouble for in today's day.
She found those two girls.
One running off quicker than her legs could carry her. 
The other? She may or may not have gotten a wee parting gift from my mama.
She was my hero that day, she really was.
I will never forget it. 
I have zero tolerance for bullying. At any age.
And I will let you know it. 
I may or may not have dealt with a few boys already. Ahem.
I tell you, bullies are cowards.
Won't you join me in signing the Take Part pledge below to help put an end to this behavior?
It just takes a moment.
{click the "PLEDGE NOW" button on the right to start}

Huge thanks to Take Part for sponsoring today's discussion. 


  1. This is great. I too was bullied. Our stories sound quiet similar actually, death threats, physically making myself sick so I wouldn't have to go back. Sad and should never be tolerated. I think now about if my children were in that situation and my hackels are up. Watch out. Mama bears are tough!

  2. Dearest Susan,
    You truly are a daughter of your dear Mama! Good for you both and I would react the very same.

  3. Your mom sounds like my hero! I will go to great lengths to protect my children from this!

  4. I LOVE this. And I agree--Bullying is such a horrible thing--as a recipient of it...I cannot imagine how I will be if/when my kiddos are bullied! Love your mom's reaction. :) She is my super hero too!

  5. Thank you for sharing! I took the pledge and shared!

  6. I love this post! I totally agree, can completely relate :/ and signed the pledge!

  7. What a wonderful mom! Bully is a terrible thing.

  8. I was bullied as a child - it was terrible. I hope my kids never endure that.

  9. It's awful how bad bullying has become these days. So glad people are taking a stand. There's no tolerance for bullying in my household.

  10. awww susan that is the worst! look at your mama!! I would not even think twice about pulling a kiddo of mine from school due to bullying ... it has to big of an impact on kiddos lives to let the m"deal" with it~!

    I teach and have to take courses and one of the new outlooks against stopping bullying is what they call " third party" if you can teach the by-standers to stand up for other and not tolerate others getting picked on the bullying significantly stopped!

    love this cause! i am working now but will help spread the word later at home :)

  11. i took the pledge, bullying is a horrible thing to go through :/

  12. I was never bullied but I was seriously ignored during my elementary years, but I was fine with it. I am like you, you mess with my boys, you get the horns. And I definitely took the pledge (even tweeted about it)!

  13. I was bullied in middle school and the earlier part of high school and it is seriously awful! I hope my children won't have to go through what I did.

  14. I took the pledge and I make it a point in my household to always tell and show my boys to treat others with respect and kindness. It really goes a long way.

  15. I signed the pledge and am in total agreement! I was bullied so I know what it's like and is not ok!

  16. Bullying is so destructive! I was too! But thankfully it wasn't in this internet age. Must be so much harder today to protect our children when they can't even get a break once they leave the schoolyard. Sure, we can't keep them from everything, but surely today it has gotten so far out of hand!

  17. Bullying has gotten out of hand. My oldest daughter is in high school this year and her friend mentioned that the bullying is terrible at their school.

  18. Thanks for doing a shout out for this!!!!

  19. We need more moms like you and your mom! I've signed the pledge. Spread the word!

  20. I LOVE your mom! :)
    wow... I am with you, Susan. I make it a habit to point out these issues with my children now. I do not like it that they even taunt and tease each other -- even if they are doing it together "for fun." No way! Stop that now because it can hurt someone else sooner or later. I've signed the pledge and fully support you and that pledge!

  21. this is really important, i made sure to sign!

  22. Thanks for sharing on this topic-- taking the pledge!

  23. I don't know if there's a single person that I know who wasn't bullied at one time or another. I do my part, but I wonder if it'll truly ever end

  24. What a great post!! You mom sounds so awesome!

  25. I'm sorry you were bullied, friend. And I'm so glad your mom stood up for you... good for her!!! :) I'm hearing such awful stories about bullying lately... it is getting so bad. We need to show this generation how to love and respect one another.

  26. I was bullied also in middle and high school, it was horrible and it does have a long lasting effect and it should be dealt with because I wouldn't even to this day even wish it on even the person who bullied me in the past and sure not on my children.

  27. I was bullied a bit in highschool by two particular people, and it followed me a long way in life. They said very hurtful things for really no reason other than to say them. They didn't even know me. I wish we could effectively stop it forever, but human nature is not always kind

  28. Your mom is amazing! The mama bear comes out in me too if anyone threatens my cubs. I hate bullying. I was bullied a lot throughout school.

  29. I was bullied too, so I have also signed the pledge. Sadly it happens so often.

  30. What a tough mama! Glad she stood up to protect you.

  31. This is so sad. I do not know kids have to be so mean, I am glad I homeschool my kids and are subjected to bullying less.

  32. Thank you for this post. Bullying is such a serious problem and can leave so deep scars. I signed your pledge because like you this is something that i feel strongly about also.

  33. I need to share my story with you Susan. it was actually written up in a newspaper. Dont you love Moms!! thank you for sharing that with us.

  34. I was bullied as a child too.
    So glad you're taking up this cause, Susan.
    I've signed the pledge!

  35. Love it Love it Love it! I blog about this now and then because I am very passionate about it. I don't know why..but I just cannot stand the injustice of someone being picked on as children of God. Our kids are very athletic and physically strong..we teach our kids to stand up for righteousness and if they see bullying that they are to stop it immediately! Now I don't mean they are to jump in and punch someone..lest they become bully's..but they are to step and and say NO!

    I normally would never do this..but I just wrote this post about my daughter standing up to bullying last week and I think you will like it :)


    Please delete if this is out of place..I will definitely sign the petition!

  36. i signed the petition!



  37. Thanks, i signed it! Bullying is so despicable. I spent a lot of junior high bullied, I was so scared of being beat up and spent a lot of those years trying to make myself as small and scarce as possible

    Jennifer Dysart


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