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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dear Ava

Dear Ava,
Next month you will be 3. 
I can honestly say this time around, I have enjoyed every moment. Well, not evvvery moment but I have been here for them all.
All these years later and I can still remember your big brother crying as I peek through the class window after leaving him at daycare. They swore he stopped a few moments after I left. I always waited. 
And then I cried in the car all the way to work.
I am so happy that I never have to leave you anywhere. 
Although some days, this mama needs a break! That is when you go to nana and papa's. Thank God for them.
Sweet Ava, you know your birthday is coming. 
I ask you "what do you want for your birthday?" almost daily. 
And you reply "cake!". A girl after my own heart.
Try as I might, I know I will forget all of the little things you said and did. I am so happy to have this space where one day, I hope you will read and learn more about yourself and your mama. 
Right now? Right now you are in 2 phases. One, is the "mine" phase. See it in action here.
The second is the "i want to scream all the time for no reason whatsoever phase". This phase is giving your poor mama a headache. please.stop.now.
Sometimes you say "I'm not going to make any noises". And then you clasp your hands together and scream "NOISE!" Also fun. 
You recently started going to a preschool playgroup with me and you LOVE it. Just today you said to me "let's go to school and make a cwaft". I often lose you in that room. Truth. 
And then I find you a moment later furiously gluing whatever you can to the paper.the table.yourself 
Good times.
Sleeping is good these days even though you hate to nap and will fight it with everything in your little being.
So most days, I don't push it and we just go shopping instead. You like shopping. You get that from me. 
As you do your love for all things sweet. 
Just this evening, I gave you a bowl of frozen yogurt after dinner. Strawberry. 
I asked you "what flavor is it?". 
You happily replied "PINK!". 
Pink it is my love.
Pink it is. 
i love you my little girl.
you and your brother and sister. 



  1. Three years - Happy Birthday little girl!
    So sweet and your words are so true, I remember that phase... Your older children are lovely too, enjoy the time with all three.
    My little girl FashionFlirt will turn 19 and my son 21 in a couple of months.

    Lady of Style

  2. Ohhhh! Loves this post!! Littles rascals these toddlers are:) But so cute and worth it at the end of the day

  3. Where does the time go? My little guy turned three yesterday. All grown up he says, but at the Rainforest Cafe for his birthday dinner, he stilled crawled onto my lap every time the storm came. Love. Pure Love.

  4. Beautiful. And pink is definitely the best flavor.:)

    My two little ones turn 4 next month. Sigh. How did that happen?!

  5. so sweet! yes to the good and the not so good ;) love her sweet little replies and I am right with on so happy that blogs are a place to store all these memories!

  6. beautiful post, so sweet. i bet one day ava will thank you for having this blog.

    i think you might want to add the pink phase too. haha

  7. Awww, she's so sweet! Happy almost 3rd to Ava!

  8. Dearest Susan,
    That sounds almost melancholic... like the composer Smetana about the Moldau.
    Yes, from very little, Ava is growing up and that cutie-pie age is slipping through your fingers like sand. It goes so rapidly but you preserve it so well with photos and with excellent mood/character & character/mood descriptions. She will laugh about her PINK flavor later and who knows how it might stick with her for the rest of her life. I have loved roses from very little on. You will be keen enough to spot this and for 'framing' it for her.
    Hugs to you, all of you as the older ones are still cute in their own different stages.

  9. Good Morning my friend... I couldn't help but get teary as I read your words. Ava is such a precious little girl and your love for her comes through in each word. You are one of the most loving and caring mama's I am blessed to know. You are giving a great gift to world ~ 3 beautiful children (inside and out). Enjoy this snow filled day ..xo C. (HHL)

  10. So sweet, Susan. I can't believe she's almost 3.


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