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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fancies : Layer It On

I consider myself a bit of an {ahem} expert in the art of layering.
Since, you know, I live in Toronto. Canada. 
Where it is cold.
Almost all the time.
You really can't help but learn the in's and out's of wearing as much clothing as possible while trying not to look like the Michelin man in the process.

Layer It On
love a piece? visit me on polyvore for full details

Also, the heart sweater and red hunter boots would make a ridiculously cute Valentine's gift non? 
Say if maybe, my husband were reading this right.now. 

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  1. News from New York Fashion Week is that next fall we will see lighter clothing and more layering options. Designers believe global warming is affecting the industry!

  2. So cute! And a great art to master:)

  3. ahhhh love the red boots. love! i need a pair asap.

  4. I hear ya on the layering. It's pretty darn cold here in MN. Looking stylish is always a bit tricky during the winter months!

  5. Dearest Susan,
    Haha, to look like a Michelin man... that's a good one. But most that do look like one can't blame the layering of clothes. Love these pieces and you have cleverly chosen them.

  6. Lovely picks! Loving that heart sweater and that red trench! Gorgeous!!

    Happy Friday & have a great weekend!!!
    World According to Shia

  7. You are so creative! I love all of these options! I really want Hunter boots but it rarely rains in LA (although it's supposed to today...) and can't justify the price :(

  8. You make layering for our "tad" cold weather a breeze ... I'm not as creative in the layering area. And oh yes those boots LUV them!!! Hope cupid is reading.... xo Wishing you a great week-end. C. (HHL)

  9. So many cute finds. That coat is adorable.

  10. I really want to get some Hunter socks to go with my Hunter boots. Love the Union Jack ones you have here!


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