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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I Wore : Mama's Dresses

Today is my mama's 80th birthday.
Like I have beforeI thought it only fitting to wear a few things that I dug up in her closet. 
Who keeps this stuff?
She does that's who.
Dress - Vintage (no tag left) | Sunglasses - Tom Ford | Beaded Necklaces - H + M | Shoes - Zigi New York
Dress - Vintage (no tag left) | Shoes - Calvin Klein

Sunglasses - Banana Republic
Necklace - Vintage
Dress - Albert Nipon
Shoes - Nine West
And just for fun, I take you back to the '60's.
Me in mama's dress. And mama in her how fabulous is that suit own.

Happy 80th Birthday mama!
I always wished to be half as cool as you. 


  1. what a milestone birthday! happy birthday mama! cheers to good health, long life and happiness and of course to VINTAGE l.o.v.e xo

  2. Love them all! Happy Birthday to her as well!

  3. This is exactly what they mean when they say, "fashion is in the jeans/genes." Your momma's great taste in clothes definitely passed on...

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom! I love that she saved those dresses. The top one looks straight out Mad Men, one of my favorite shows.

  5. oh my...loving vintage dresses, and the pic of your mom! Glad I stopped by, loving your blog!!

    Would love to have you over at my Friday 365 Challenge Link up ;)

  6. Susan this was just great!!! I loved it, and I love the dresses! I'm not sure how many people could pull of what you did though! You look great!! And, I too love the picture of your beautiful mom in her suit!!! Wishing your mom a wonderful birthday! I agree with Rachel, fashion and style must be in the genes!!! xo

  7. Oh you wear it so well. I am checking out my closet to copy cat! :)

    Your mother is 80 years of fabulous!

  8. I love vintage dresses! You are sooo lucky your mom kept hers! Neither my mom or grandma kept their old clothes :(

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  9. Oh, Happy Birthday to your mama!! I love it when you bring out her clothes. That green is gorgeous!! :)

  10. Happy Birthday to momma! and I LOVE the mint green dress - SO FAB!

  11. Love them all, but that green one is my fave, it looks awesome on you.
    xo K

  12. Oh my goodness - she has some great stuff! And they all look amazing on you. I love digging through my mom's closet. She's one of the most fashionable women I know:)

  13. Love the two pics together of you ladies!!! And I LOVE all your vintage :) You look fab as always!

  14. Love those vintage finds- such amazing styles and you wear them with grace. Lovely!

  15. Love your style, you look absolutely amazing!

  16. Happy Birthday to your Mama!!!
    And I can see where you got your keen sense of style!
    Those pieces are timeless.

  17. i swear, sometimes you find some gems in mama's closet and jewelry boxes! the second skirt is gorge! who knew color blocking then??

    happy bday to her!

    and, btw, you are too funny. if ONLY i were that young! i had mini-she in my 20s!!!

  18. Oh I love this! How fashionable was your hot mama by the way?!

  19. Clearly you come from a long line of fashionistas!
    Judging by that second dress, it appears colour blocking is far from a new concept.

  20. WOW!!! Your mom looks tres fashionable and so elegant ... her look would fit right in today!!! You are so blessed that she has held on to those pieces. They look great on you and again right for today's look!!!

    Happy birthday to your Mother! xo C. (HHL)

  21. great looks. every single one of them!

  22. I love all of those vintage dresses! You look great in all of them.

  23. Visiting for the first time and just had to comment on this one. How cool that your mom has kept these dresses...so cool! And the picture of her in that suit? That is one for a frame...what a stylish mama! Makes me want to pull out old pics of my mom and share them. She'll be 80 this year in September. Think I'll do that. :)

  24. Love, love, love your vintage pieces...that green dress is amazing!


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