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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Ava Wore : Looking Back

In an ode to both our 1 year blogiversary {come enter our amazing group giveaway :: a fellow Small Styler is among the sponsors!} and Ava's 2nd birthday last week, I enjoyed a look back at the Smallish Style we shared over the past year.
She's grown so much. It's crazy.
It makes me happy and sad all at the same time.
I've been fortunate in that she's always been a pretty good sport about having her picture taken.
Her current age has definitely proven the most challenging since it's hard to keep her still long enough to snap anything half-decent.
But we try.
Oh, how we try.
"No more pictures"

Looking forward to another year of Small Style :: we love the friends we've made both big and small.


  1. Squeeeeeee in cuteness.
    My goodness. Those locks!!

  2. Such a pretty little girl! Look at all those curls! :)

  3. Dearest Susanm,

    Thanks for your visit and comment, on your Mom's 80th birthday! Wow, she is only 8 years younger than my Mom but she's on her 5th year of dialysis now... No comparison to your spunky Mom. But it is a blessing for having her around the way she is.
    Congrats also with your first Blogiversary! Quite a mile stone already and you have achieved a lot for being proud of.
    Wishing you a great Friday and an even greater weekend with your precious family.


  4. I must say, I don't see much of you in her--kinda like about half of my kids, who look like their dad--tall and blue eyed! So a lot of people have a hard time believing some of my kids are mine, ha!

  5. Congratulations on your Blog anniversary!! and Miss Ava looks adorable in each and every photo ... xo C. (HHL)

  6. Adorable collage! My youngest son just likes to ham it up for the camera lately... we get the strangest photos!


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