Ava Grace's Closet: Zoology
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Monday, September 12, 2011


The zoo was one of the few outings we had on our "to-do" list this summer.
I put it off. And put it off some more.
You see...little miss sucks does not do well in the car.
Now that Donna was with us though, I figured, how bad could it be?  
She could sit in the back with her...entertain.feed snacks.repeat.
Yeah, it didn't work.
She screamed the entire way there. And it is not so close.
I pulled over. Took her out of the car. Consoled her. Put her back in.
She screamed some more.
And then we were there. praise God.

The worst over, we quite enjoyed the rest of the day.
The zoo is so oddly peaceful. Quiet even.
I could have watched this little family for hours.
Obviously, the monkey in the middle was a bit of a drama queen.

Little miss caught a glimpse of this beautiful creature and started freaking out.
Apparently, she knows that her Bobo is also a giraffe. gifted I tell ya, gifted.
Julian wrestled with a tiger.
And won. I think.
We visited with the elephants.
So ridiculously big it was surreal.
Not sure this picture does this wrinkly wonder justice.
Miss Ava's first big outing ended up a big success.
And at the end of it all...she was the quietest she had been all day.
Mission accomplished.


  1. aww looks like fun!!! We plan on hitting the zoo up in the fall when it cools down. My nephew used to scream in the car..."I wanna hold you!" my sister changed car seat and he stopped...hopefully when she graduates to a bigger one...she will like it more:)

  2. That last picture of her in the stroller is precious. THAT is how you know if it's been a good outing or not!

  3. Love these pictures... I love the zoo, too! Your daughter looks so peaceful in her sleep!
    Elephants are one of my favorites at the zoo... the bears, too. I love watching them when they fight. haha

  4. I'm sure they loved the zoo and animals!
    Oh your kids are adorable!

    Just to let you know, I'm now following you via GFC.
    Please follow me back if you haven't. Thanks!


  5. so who's lovely? your bloggy!
    congrats from me to you!

  6. The sleeping pic is priceless! :)

  7. Good job Ava!!! Love the pics of the giraffe and the elephant. On the way home from school today, my five year old pointed out the window and said, "MOM! An elephant!" She swears she saw one in someone's yard. lol

  8. Your kids are so cute! Especially that last little picture of your daughter.. something about a sleeping baby that just makes me so happy!
    We like the zoo too but just not the long drive


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