Ava Grace's Closet: Little Bobo...or is it?
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Bobo...or is it?

This is Bobo. 
Ava's fave sleeping (now that's funny) companion.
 It used to be The King's and for some reason, she took a liking to it right away. 

I read someplace that non-sleeping babies can sometimes be put at ease if you introduce a "transitional object". 
So we did. 
Yeah soooo it didn't help, but she still digs hugging Bobo all night long. 
Awake or asleep.

I'm so blessed to have my folks living nearby and to sometimes help out during the day so I can keep my sanity. 
During a recent visit, my dad says to me as I'm leaving, "Where's Lucy?" (WTH is Lucy?) 
I say "Lucy?"
"Yes, her giraffe. It's not in the crib"
 I say "You call it Lucy? Her (I guess it's a girl at this point) name is Bobo". 
He still calls her Lucy.

When the hubby gets home, I'm still laughing about this.
 (Not sure why I found it so funny...could be the lack of sleep). 
I tell him the story and he says...
"Her giraffe? You mean Jaffi?". 

I die. 
And we wonder why she can't sleep?

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