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Friday, September 9, 2011

Work Wear

After being home for just shy of a year and a half, it has been quite the adjustment  to have to get up and actually get ready every day. Albeit, so far, this might be the best part of actually going back to work. Sigh.
I have ofcourse checked out what the other ladies are wearing. on Wednesday.
So far, I am less than impressed.
Not sure anyone is understanding the whole business casual concept. 
Leggings and tank tops have no business here. 
Tom's in the office? Cute but yeah, ummm, no.
And for everyone's sake...please cover up. Enough said?

Here's what I might wear. They should too. hope they are not reading my blog. or maybe I do.
Dress - H&M
There is no easier way to get "dressed". 
Throw on some cute shoes and you are good.to.go.

Skinny pants - Banana Republic

Leaving the leggings for the weekend and replacing them with skinny trousers.
Equally cute with flats, pumps or an ankle boot.
Ruffle T - Zara
Tank tops will be saved for layering.
I would replace with this equally comfortable and cute t-shirt.
Ballet flats - Oasis
Ballet flats in a fun color, like red.
These are as soft as butter and feel like slippers on...not unlike say...Tom's.
Navy cardigan - J Crew
A cute basic cardigan or two will do the trick just fine.
Polished Denim Blazer - The Loft
As might an equally cute denim blazer.
I can see this one easily transitioning from work to weekend. 

I might make this my first order of business. A project of sorts.
So do tell, what do you wear.to.work?


  1. Nice post, and I definitely agree on what's not appropriate work attire. Love those Oasis ballet flats!

  2. i love that dress AND that you loved giving birth :)

  3. Hey the plus side to going back to work is all the great clothes you take buy! :)

  4. Loving those flats! Thanks for linking up today honey! Kori xoxo

  5. Great options! I really like those Oasis flats!! :)

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  6. wore a gray long tunic and leggings,with great beige suede pumps? what not to wear @ work?? kinda looked ok non? u have not seen any yet esp if ur at OMP, Oh Lawd!

  7. Stopping by from the blog hop and a new follower thru GFC. I would love a follow back when you get the chance to come over and check me out! I do love the red flats! I don't do high heels much anymore because of my two knee replacements and the RA. I always feel like I am going to topple over! Thanks for your help and have a great day!


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  9. love the first dress...love the style and color! i'm all about dresses at work because they are easy, instant outfits.

    thanks so much for stopping by!
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  10. Hi Susan, Thanks for the very very nice post. These workwear are amazing. Am going to buy soon :)


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