Ava Grace's Closet: 2018 Christmas Gift Guide : For The Littles
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Friday, December 7, 2018

2018 Christmas Gift Guide : For The Littles

Christmas really is all about the littles.
Watching my own children's eyes light up on Christmas Eve - barely able to make it through dinner because of the pure excitement of what's to come - this is what it's all about.
As they get older, I try to hold onto tradition.
Chocolate advent calendars.
Pajamas always.
Plus a few other ideas I might have up my sleeve.

1. Tell me this is not the cutest little thing you ever saw? TELL ME. Ava and I attended a super fun media preview last month and she was nothing shy of enamored with these little bundles of light aptly called Sunny Bunnies (ps - this is Iris).
Yes, she bounces AND she light ups. Available exclusively at Walmart. $9.94

2. I couldn't resist including the coziest slippers ever by Ugg on this list and if yours is like mine, she loves herself some cozy. This shade is perfect for the little girl in your life although they're equally adorable in the tried and true Ugg beige. $59.95

3. I'm all about robes at Christmastime and this one by Tucker + Tate SO fits the bill. What little boy wouldn't want to look like a snowman this season? Exactly, none. Also available in the cutest unicorn version. $45

4. For the little footballer on your list, this ball by Tangle might just be the coolest thing I saw this year. The more you throw or kick it, the brighter it glows. Bedtime may never be the same. $24.99

5. When I was a kid, I always wanted a sleeping bag. The problem you see, is we never went camping. Plus, I'm not sure my mother even knew what a sleeping bag was - bless her heart. These are available at FAO Schwarz (now at The Bay!!)  and I thing the boy and girl versions are both equally fabulous, n'est pas? $85

6. Another fun new toy of 2018 (we saw it, we tried it) is Tic Tac Tongue by Yulu. With masks that had us looking like we had lizard tongues, laughs were had all around. Board games always have a way of bringing the entire family together. $14

7. This might be the most annoying toy I'll buy this Christmas but that won't stop this girl. Each of my kiddos had one and loved it. Ava will be no exception, of that I am sure. FAO Schwarz, $14

Just call me Clause.
Ms. Clause.

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