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Monday, July 30, 2018

What I Wore : The Jumpsuit Strikes Again

Well now. 
It's been a while since I've written in these parts. 
Not for a lack of wanting to.
Just time is so scarce these days between mommying, working and occasionally selfieing on instagram.

Today, I'm featuring a brand I've worked with before - and am blessed to have the opportunity to work with again. 
SmartBuyGlasses remains one of the world's largest AND fastest growing online eye and sunglasses retailers (which comes as no surprise when you check out their selection and pricing!) - I'm wearing a pair by Jimmy Choo and though it's a tad difficult to see by these photos; they are actually a very dark charcoal. 
The shape is perfection and they feel light on the face which is always a plus with acrylic frames, n'est pas?

jumpsuit - c/o Magnolia Boutique | sunglasses - c/o SmartBuyGlasses | blazer - Zara |
shoes - Calvin Klein
Where do you shop for your eyewear needs?
Happy Monday.


  1. I love your pantsuit, Ava. The color is beautiful with the black accents also. I, too, like large framed sunglasses, as they can do their job of blocking the sun from our eyes. Very stylish!

    1. Oh I typed Ava. Sorry Susan! I couldn't take it back as I had already hit publish!!

  2. Great look. The black and blue is so unexpected in summer, but so casual posh!


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