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Monday, January 29, 2018

Life Lately

Some days, I feel like my life is just a whirlwind of waking up, frantically getting everyone ready for school, downing a coffee, rushing out of the house, drop offs and then, starting it all over again the next day.
Oh yes, there is pick up and dinner at some point.
Although the latter seems to be scarcer as the days go on.
Don't get me wrong - we do actually eat.
It's just not as thought out as it once was.
I told someone recently that I always overcook.
So used to prepping for a family of five - and now, between work and school for all - it's not often enough that we all sit down at the same time.
Some days, I just give up.
Others, I pretend to be super domestic and cook for days ahead.
It's a delicate balancing act.
But it works.

Isabella is in her 2nd year of university and is so dedicated to her schooling - honestly, she makes me so proud.
I can't say I had that same dedication.
I often think life should be lived in reverse.
Today, I think school would so be my thing.
Then, not so much.
My girl is driving. Working. Helping with her younger brother. Super independent.
I try to teach her every day not to rely on anyone.
She will learn that on her own I am sure; but raising strong girls has always been top priority for me.

Julian spends his days at school, gaming and making his little sister crazy.
Not necessarily in that order.
He is in 10th grade - almost half way through high school.
I remember Isabella telling me how quickly - too quickly - those years went. And how often she wishes she could go back to what now seem like such carefree years.
In just a few short years, at the tender age of 17, these kids need to decide the course of their future.
Even when they can barely decide what they want to eat for breakfast.
Just way, way too young.
My boy still feels he's going to be either a pro gamer, you-tuber or a rapper.
And I want him to be a dreamer.
At least for a little while longer, non?

Oh, Ava.
This child is something else entirely.
I've always said she was sent here for a reason - meant to be here among us.
But she has been here before.
Of that I am sure.
Her vocabulary rivals that of a 25 year old. The things that come out of her mouth amaze me on the daily.
Currently, she's obsessed with all things dance.
Watching episodes of The Next Step likes it's her job.
And making comments like "Mom, I can't believe Jacquie likes Noah. Do you see his side profile? His nose?!"

Me? I'm just trying to slow things down.
Not worry so much about everything getting done.
I've found that no matter how hard you try, the laundry will still pile up. The ironing will still sit for days. The dust will come back. And the to-do list will always seem never-ending.
The now however, we can't get back.
So my goal this year?
Appreciate the little things. They truly are the big things in the end.

Happy Monday.


  1. You are so right about this time in your life. The small things can seem monumental until you realize they really aren't. I read something this morning that is so true: The nights are so long but the years are so short. If I could have kept that in perspective when my children were younger, I might have been a happier, less exhausted mom. Keep on keeping on enjoying every day with your kiddos because the years are indeed so short.

  2. Dearest Susan,
    Oh how right you are about that very last section here... Life is way, way too fast and especially the way we see our younger generation being 'pressed and pushed' through this rapid changing world. Not friendly enough for being in the moment!
    We too have had to take a look at life completely different when Pieter learned about his grave heart condition on November 2nd. My whole world fell apart and I could not focus... What I did is start writing about our best trip ever; to South Africa where Pieter lectured at a congress. It turned out to be my best therapy for clearing my mind from worrying and Pieter has so much enjoyed reliving those good years. He loved to read all the comments and it has calmed him down, made him appreciative of good times had and the 2 new meds have also stabilized him. So there is hope anew and he knows now his limits. No longer the Mr. do & can do it all attitude. He had to bury that one. I'd been nagging him for years as of course I did notice his decline but he would not have any of that. So now they showed him very abruptly the mirror after his last heart catheterization and he knows it.
    Life is never easy and before we went to Florida on Christmas eve, I too managed to do all my laundry, ironed it and folded it away. Result? An aching back as it was telling me: 'You idiot how old do you think you ARE?!'... So why would we fight it. More relaxing and enjoying moments together while still possible!
    Big hugs,


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