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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Birthday Girl

Someone turned 6 earlier this week, and this year's festivities were much more understated than in years past. 
You see, March - April is birthday central 'round these parts.
And this year, marks not one, but two milestone birthdays in our family.
March 22 - Ava, March 28 - my mama, April 6 - my father turns 80!, April 11th - my husband turns 50! and April 12 - Julian.
Now, I like every woman, ahem, am responsible for birthday planning, gift buying et al.
So, to say the least, I am BUSY. 
I added the Shopkins and Ava got a huge kick out of picking them off her ice cream cake and adding them to her collection.
I may or may not have forgotten to get candles.
And so it goes.

Here's hoping all of her wishes come true.

1 comment :

  1. Dearest Susan,
    Congratulations to so many family members having their birthday!
    Ava already past her sixth birthday is unreal... We can't keep up with life!!!
    She looks so happy with her special cake so her busy Mama chose the right one.
    Hugs and Happy Easter to all of you.


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