Ava Grace's Closet: Varadero : A Glimpse
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Friday, April 10, 2015

Varadero : A Glimpse

The flavours of Cuba are many, and photos often don't do it justice.
As I continue to weed through the many photos we snapped along the way, here are just a few that capture the essence of what turned out to be a perfect family vacation.
And by perfect I mean, no one got sick, sunburnt or bored. The weather couldn't have been better. And the kids couldn't have been happier.
Life is good.

Unfortunately, I forgot my DSLR at home. 
Of course I had it charged up, ready to go + {ahem} sitting nowhere near the luggage.
All of these photos were taken with a small Fuji camera that I insisted we pick up at the airport. It worked out well and I think it might have been a blessing to not have to lug around the larger device - especially at the beach.

More to share on Monday.
Happy Weekend.


  1. Love these pictures and they turned out just fine with the small camera! P.s. How cute are those tooshies!!!

  2. Beautiful photos!!! Looks like lots of fun was had and wonderful memories made!! xo
    P.S let me know what your schedule is looking like for Colette's ...

  3. beautiful! I loved Varadero... now I want a hot vacation!

  4. Dearest Susan,
    Haha, isn't that the truth that we always forget something?! But you solved the problem very well and captured great photos. Looks like a really lovely resort.

  5. ugh...making me jealous! lol. i need a vacay stat! thanks for sharing these pics of your beautiful family.


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